Fall 2018 First Impressions Pt 1 – Double Decker and Rerided

Starting late as usual…I didn’t know Double Decker had debuted on CR for free users after its sudden appearance for paid users, so that’s why.

Double Decker


It’s basically Samurai Flamenco, right down to the unwarranted nudity, but without any of the tokusatsu trappings and wacko twists, plus taking “hardboiled detective, straight out of comics” as a fantasy instead. The fact they take it from Kirill’s perspective and lightly dress the show with his snark to introduce the show, plus the fact the crime unit is full of what appears to be ass-kicking, motorcycle-driving gals, is icing on the cake! Aside from the snark, it’s got some stupid humour, but that’s right up my alley too.

I have read some of the Tiger and Bunny manga too, so I was able to spot some connections between the two shows. How they’re connected beyond that remains to be seen, but I suspect it was the evolution of humans after certain people’s overuse of Anthem, or some huge release of Anthem, that caused people in Tiger and Bunny to develop superpowers, thus making it a stealth prequel to the superhero show (in much the same way Boueibu Happy Kiss is a stealth sequel to LOVE!). As a love letter to the cops and robbers flavour of mystery, it’s a reminder of why I love anime so much because it’s made of a lot of tropes I saw on the way to where I am now, as a Detective Conan and SamFlam fan…you could call it a second coming of Boueibu in that sense, but in a different genre space.

Tl;dr: there’s no way this show could ever go wrong as one of my favourites for the season, so long as it develops where it needs to and world builds where it needs to.


On the other hand…this I could do without, maybe.

For some reason, the art style reminds me of King’s Game, which is a bad sign. Also, they get some basic things wrong (the guy’s name is Derrida Yvain, so his initials should be “DY”, not “DZ” like the robots). The car chase could be done a lot better, visually speaking, and the scene where Derrida freezes himself in the cold sleep chamber looks like it came from something out of 2010 (heck, I’ll compare it to King of Thorn, which was a good movie but had some pretty obviously CGI monsters…and that came out in 2009).

However, Derrida offhandedly mentions something called “Atmos”, which sounds like it might be worth looking into (because it sounds like a cryptographic hash function or other security method for the cloud he’s using). Also, the only hook that works out of this are the appearances of older Mage near the end of episode 1 – they’re used a bit abruptly, but are compelling enough for me to continue. Mage seems quite intelligent, so even if nothing else, I could watch for her.

So if you’ve watched the first episodes of these shows (as of finishing this post, I have yet to watch eps 2 – 4 of Rerided and ep 2 of Double Decker), what did you think of them? If not, are you looking forward to watching these fall shows?

10 thoughts on “Fall 2018 First Impressions Pt 1 – Double Decker and Rerided

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  1. The sad thing is that it took the second episode for Rerided to make sense or connect everything together into a plot because man oh man was the first episode a rushed set up episode.

    I have nothing bad to say at all about Double Decker because it’s just down right hilarious and perfect. Having watched Tiger and Bunny, I can’t help but feel connected to this show.

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  2. I haven’t seen any of these yet, although I did see them make an appearance on CR as well😊 I have to admit that you are quite convincing with the first one as those are elements that I usually like seeing in anime as well (except for the comedy elements of which I usually am not much of a fan). Maybe I will give it a go, but I will and see what the rest of the week is going to bring us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these! 😊

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