Fall 2018 First Impressions Pt 3:…That Got Explicit Real Fast

Goblin Slayer and DakaIchi conveniently happened to be in the same post so I could slap “content warnings for discussions of the 18+ stuff, including rape, assault and murder” in one place.

Just to get details out of the way quickly:

Page jumps


Just to get a confession out of the way: This is the first BL/yaoi anime I’ve ever seen. So, why is yaoi popular? I kind of get it with this specific series, but not the genre as a whole.

That aside, because the focus is more on showbiz than the, erhem, other thing this show exists for (at least at the moment), it’s bearable. Not to mention my experience in dealing with subtext shows (y’know, shows like Boueibu where you can ship the dudes if you want), it softened the whiplash of watching the explicit stuff (is that possible?). I almost thought the “harassment” in the title wasn’t sexual, but…who am I kidding? There’s no beating about the bush – this show shows assault, plain and simple. Thank goodness the second time they “got together”, it was actually consensual.

I did get confused at all the stuff with feathers, but from reading other people’s takes, it’s apparently symbolic (which I kind of got from the context anyway). I’m just left wondering if it’ll get more confusing because I don’t know the genre’s tropes that well.

…Even still, I’m sure by this season’s end, someone will have learnt the Random Dance Ending, because that’s what those are for.




The best equivalent I have to this is Deltora Quest, i.e. it knows what makes the fantasy genre tick, to the point where it’s Just Another High Fantasy With Shonen Protagonist anime (plus I can’t quite pin how old Seth is, because he looks like he could be anywhere from 15 – 18 from appearance alone, but he’s probably 12 – 15). To further the comparison, the only distinguishing factor for Radiant and Deltora Quest are the fact their original creators are from outside Japan, which are arguably what makes the shows so stereotypically fantasy in the first place. However, after Black Clover and a deluge of darned isekais, I could stand to have Radiant around as a genre throwback…

Sidebar: Speaking of throwbacks and Black Clover, here’s the Shonen Plot Generator I made up (in jest) while watching that show, because playing Shonen Mad Libs is fun:

“In a world where A (magic/pirating/manga…) is everything, the main boy (or girl!) is aiming to become a B (a master of A, or a very revered position involving A). Using C (a tool of some sort, incl. magical skills or birthright-linked traits), many friends and possibly a lot of shouting, (s)he will do whatever it takes to become a B.”

If A = magic, B = sorcerer and C = Fantasia, that should (pretty much) do the trick, aside from the fact Seth gets hate for being tainted by the Nemesis…



Goblin Slayer

Having gotten forewarning as to the rape scene from source material fans, even if others required warning at the start, I didn’t need it. However, I did avoid the supposed ~extra~ discussion because I was hoping to go in as blind as possible (I think the only reading-up prior to watching ep 1 I did was Astral’s take, due to his self-professed vested interest).

That said, what did I think?

My reaction to the show was fairly neutral for a bloody show like this since I took a few hours to put myself into the mindset for watching such a show. I know as great as the core story of Grimgar may have been for showing the brutality of being in an RPG-like world I only ever gave it an average rating, so saying Goblin Slayer‘s first episode got me on board is actually better praise than usual. I can see why people are repulsed by this intro, and yet I can also see “even weak creatures can show you life’s brutality” is the show’s core theme. Goblin Slayer himself is a tad excessive on the violence front…but in a show called Goblin Slayer, you want goblins slain, amirite?

I did have a few complaints about CGI because it’s a bit startling if you’re not looking for it, but…nothing too bad. Apparently there’s explanation in the source material about how goblins use human females to reproduce, which I could’ve done with in the show itself. Furthermore, I question how Priestess was won over by Goblin Slayer, enough to quest with him, when she was so clearly traumatised by what she saw when she met him – maybe she had something like Stockholm syndrome…? Maybe it was immense respect for a senpai? Maybe even both? Either way, figuring out why that is is more of a pull than struggling to find reasons to continue, like I was doing with RErideD. (If it didn’t seem that way during part 1, since I feel like people have misconstrued my feelings on that show, then…yes, I was grasping at straws with RErideD.)




Gridman…was alright. I was probably most annoyed by how the kaiju’s eyes didn’t go in the right direction so it was obviously either CGI and/or made to sell toys (maybe Houseki no Kuni and subsequent efforts spoilt me on the CGI front). Then I read back through my notes, e.g. “[The people in SSSS.Gridman] seem to treat memory loss as something minor, like a cold. It’s a bit awkward, I think.” (this was in reference to Takarada’s mother, but everyone seems to be this way) – and realised there are barely any consequences (or consequences are just subtle lines which aren’t really acted upon, like “Maybe we should take [Yuta] back to the hospital”, if not things that are entirely reversed with the school restoration), which goes a bit at odds with the ennui and confusion from Yuta. Basically, what I want from Gridman is that you either have the serious vibe and have your consequences, or you scrap consequences and make it campy: take your pick.

Furthermore, it felt soulless because it was aiming for a nostalgia that wasn’t really in me. As someone whose only exposure to tokusatsu is just glimpses of Power Rangers and the entire Samurai Flamenco (both of which are firmly “campy”), I’m willing to embrace the genre but some of the execution of this show is stuff that isn’t solid right now, but could be worked out given a few episodes.


It looks like I’m going to need to cut stuff soon…


  • Double Decker (finished 2 eps)
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (finished 1 ep)
  • Zombieland Saga (finished 1 ep)
  • Goblin Slayer (finished 1 ep)
  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (finished 1 ep)
  • Radiant (finished 1 ep)


  • SSSS.Gridman (finished 1 ep)
  • Jingai-san no Yome (finished 1 ep)

May drop:

  • DakaIchi (finished 1 ep) – Honestly, I have a Lot of Mixed Feelings about this show, but I’m not sure which are tied to the BL/yaoi genre and which are tied specifically to this show. I guess I’ll continue in the meantime, but if it gets any more confusing, it’s gone.


  • Bakumatsu (finished 1 ep)
  • RErideD (finished 2 eps)

So, same questions as part 2 – as usual, feel free to answer as many or as little as you’d like:

  • Do you like the new format (I’ll try to stick to it if it’s popular)?
  • What are your thoughts about the first episodes of the four shows I gave impressions on in this post?
  • Are there any shows that I’ve missed out on for this season? (if you need a refresher, see anticipated shows list here)

8 thoughts on “Fall 2018 First Impressions Pt 3:…That Got Explicit Real Fast

Add yours

  1. I have seen both SSSS Gridman and Goblin Slayer, and I enjoyed both. I’m not at all familiar with Goblin Slayer, so I was surprised at the violence and rape scene, but in the end it didn’t stop me for continuing to watch this series.
    As for Gridman, having just seen the second episode this morning I will stick with it. I like the show and the storyline, and the action scenes especially in that second episode were pretty cool. So both shows won’t be dropped 😊😊
    Despite it’s incredibly weird title for me the show of the seaon so far has been Rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai. It’s really been a truly amazing series to watch and if it continues in this way it will be the watch of the season😊
    Oh, and before I forget: yes I like the new format! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve been kind of on the fence about whether to bother with Bunny Girl Senpai because people keep comparing it to the Monogatari series and I have zero experience with that…I’ve also read a bunch of first and second episode reviews on it and it seems like everyone who bothered with it liked it, so maybe I should double back when there’s only Han Gyaku Sei Million Arthur left. That seems to be the last premiere I have and it would be disappointing to leave it on its lonesome…

      Thanks for telling me. No one’s actually said anything on the new format before you, even though I’ve asked twice (once each over two posts).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I actually had to look that up, because I have zero experience with it as well 😅
        So I can’t really compare it, but I do know that out of all the six shows that I am currently following it’s the one I have enjoyed the most😊
        Yeah I’m sorry I didn’t see it the first time (I think I really overlooked it) but yeah this format is great 😊 So…I would stick with it as it is a great layout! 😀


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