Fall 2018 First Impressions Pt 4: Gridman Strikes Back

I never said once a show’s on hold it’s gone forever, right?

Just to get details out of the way quickly:

Page jumps

Golden Kamuy s2

It’s still a cooking show with quirky men, animals getting hunted and cut up, lots of history and occasional toilet jokes…as much as I keep saying I have a low tolerance for toilet jokes, these ones are alright because they fit with the show’s quirkiness. However, unlike BnHA, there are no stupid recaps (thank goodness…?)…

This ep, we’re introduced to Edogai, who has an odd penchant for mixing fashion, taxidermy and the character exaggeration typical of this show. I found it interesting he made a few dresses and then wore them for Tsurumi. Also, when Asirpa and co. ate huki, I thought it was butterbur (fuki = Japanese word for “butterbur”) and, welp, I was right. On the other hand, Classicaloid taught me masu means trout, not salmon…

Sidebar: Inkarmat’s return made me wonder – why are only women like her and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu‘s Miyokichi treated like they’re mysterious and incomprehensible (sure, part of Inkarmat’s fortune-telling is probably playing into that, but it’s still valid)? I guess that’s a topic for another post…



As Miss Beelzebub Likes

A fluffy comedy that didn’t quite stick the landing. Part of it is Yasuda’s (Mullin’s) delivery, which I felt lacked range. Yasuda can pull off “angry boi”, but not “tsundere boi”.

The other part: heavy reliance on using certain jokes repetitively. Pastel aesthetic can only keep me watching for a short amount of time without a strong comedic punch. Gossamers are basically Morose Mononokean‘s Moja Moja without feet…I think I’d like the real Moja back, thanks (since that show’s back next season). Additionally, ~love is in the air~, which looks vaguely unsettling when the girl looks about 15 and is developed like a 30-year-old supermodel in the torso. I think we’re also meant to think Mullin and Beelzebub are Pwecious and Should Be Protected…but then, anime tropes, like potential for molestation and nudity, come back.

Oh, the nudity! It’s this show’s crutch and it just doesn’t quite work for me.



Bunny Girl Senpai

I took this on because I thought I might have a chance of having an interesting show on my hands. The problem is, I’m easily influenced so when I started it…I basically had the same reaction I did to Chio’s School Road. i.e. I didn’t like it because I’d read too far ahead through previews.

In fact, I thought it was rather pretentious, going on about logic even though there were supernatural occurrences happening and I was surprised it even subscribed to solipsism for the back third or so.

I got to this after watching the second episode of Run with the Wind and Haiji probably soured my mood with how persistent he was there. Even still, the dialogue seemed like it was lifted out of the source novel (for better or for worse) and I admitted about halfway through my notes it just wasn’t for me. Oh well, I still got a witty quip about an “order for one ambulance”…



Merc Storia

It’s actually kind of nostalgic, this show – my dad was kind of like Yuu’s in that he’d go out to work, come back late (in kid terms) and occasionally bring home things he’d bought/obtained, plus the girl with the butterfly wings in the ED reminded me of Shirley Barber, who does gorgeous illustrations which I used to look at when I was younger. On a non-personal front, this ain’t an isekai so it feels like a genre throwback.

While its humour made me want to sweatdrop a few too many times and Toto(?) (who I have named “Mr Floof” otherwise) looks like Bargain Bin Pikachu crossed with a Terriermon, Merc and Yuu have a nice rapport (plus Merc’s too small to inflict physical violence so when she’s tsundere, it’s harmless). Furthermore, the message of resolving conflict in a non-confrontational manner isn’t something you see a lot, especially when stories about Fighting Bad Guys are an institutionalised thing for all ages and even more so in a kids’ show (because kids don’t think things through). Speaking of kids, how old is Yuu…?

Sidenote: You guys are probably more familiar with Digimon than I am so you probably didn’t need the link, but just in case you need it, it’s there. Also, sometimes I don’t understand Past Me without context – in this case, context = “I had to Google which Digimon I was thinking of”…


I just need to confirm everything under the line in the “watching” section needs to stay there and I’m set for the season…plus watch episode 2 of Zombieland Saga to confirm I’m in for the long haul.


  • Double Decker (finished 3 eps)
  • Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san (finished 1 ep) – It’s an anime! About a bookstore (I do have experience with being behind-the-scenes at a bookstore)! They talk about the global nature of manga right off the bat! It’s actually fun (aside from the occasional parody I don’t quite recognise, but I like to Google stuff too)! It’s almost perfect.
  • Golden Kamuy s2 (finished 1 ep)
  • Merc Storia (finished 1 ep)
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (finished 2 eps)
  • Zombieland Saga (finished 1 ep)
  • —-
  • Goblin Slayer (finished 1 ep)
  • SSSS.Gridman (finished 1 ep, up 2 positions) – Apparently kids died when the school was restored, meaning I got the consequences I wanted after all…
  • Radiant (finished 1 ep)


  • Kitsune no Koe (finished 1 ep) – I was more on board with this than Goblin Slayer (which says something about this show). The only problems? 1) It’s a short…so it getting ranked below Honda-san means a definite loss for this show. 2) The second episode is missing.
  • Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru (finished 2 eps, down 2 positions) – Currently it looks like it’s literally Haiji Wins Over the Dudes and it’s even more than a bit evil…however, it could just be a wrinkle in the road…(that was still more than enough to kill its chances at being watched weekly, though.)
  • Jingai-san no Yome (finished 1 ep)
  • DakaIchi (finished 1 ep) – Signed up for more volunteer work which happens the day this comes out, so I don’t think I’ll have time for this anymore.


  • As Miss Beelzebub Likes (finished 1 ep)
  • Bakumatsu (finished 1 ep)
  • Bunny Girl Senpai (finished 1 ep)
  • RErideD (finished 2 eps)

So, same questions as part 2 – as usual, feel free to answer as many or as little as you’d like:

  • Do you like the new format (I’ll try to stick to it if it’s popular, but it takes a while to set up)?
  • What are your thoughts about the first episodes of the shows I gave impressions on in this post?
  • Are there any shows that I’ve missed out on for this season? (if you need a refresher, see anticipated shows list here)

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  1. Too bad you ended up not liking Bunny Girl Senpai. For me personally as you know it’s so far been my favorite anime this season. But well, it’s certainly not a show for everyone. Glad you tried it out though: not every anime can be a winner 😊

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