Finalising the Fall 2018 Lineup & Learning to Love (Backlog) Anime Again

I wonder if I even needed to hit refresh on my enthusiasm levels…

Due to Han Gyaku Sei Million Arthur being a no-show and the show being pulled out of my seasonal lineup being Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (due to the adventure genre’s typical slow pace for worldbuilding’s sake, it won’t really matter if I duck out now and get back to it afterwards…especially because the next episode seems to have a big focus on big breasts on female elves…urk…), that makes my lineup Double Decker!, Gridman, Zombieland Saga, Merc Storia, Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san and Golden Kamuy. I may be able to binge Run with the Wind and Slime due to the fact I have a few days without simulcasts if I keep completely on top of the schedule. However, that brings me to the second half of this post.

I took advantage of one of these days without simulcasts to keep chipping away at Tsuritama. I’m currently only halfway through the show as I type this, but I noticed Tsuritama‘s in a bit of a weird spot. Y’see, just based on the topic of the show (fishing), I really shouldn’t care about it, and yet I seemed to have sustained an abnormally high amount of enthusiasm for it during the good almost-year or two that I’ve had the show on hold.

The reason why I haven’t given out any 90s and over this year on my anime list – aside from the preliminary one I’ve given Tsuritama at this point in time – is a problem that’s been plaguing me ever since I finished Mob Psycho 100 – sometimes, an 80 – 89 and 90 – 100 are only separated by how much I care about the characters, world and themes (different things promote shows to higher tiers in different cases). Mob Psycho 100 was great on a technical level, but there was something lacking from it. I later figured out, by looking back at the show as a whole, that it was at its core just a fighting shonen, no matter what themes about power and relationships could be gotten from it. Although I liked Reigen, Ritsu and Mob enough, I didn’t really care about anyone else because they were just obstacles or to further the plot – Sho in particular wasn’t very developed.

Sidebar: Of course, with Mob Psycho 100 season 2 coming next season, underdevelopment of Claw members might not be a problem any longer, but evaluating each entry on an anime list (in this case, season of anime) as its own entity as much as possible is important…to me, at least.

Notably, this problem of not being enthusiastic about backlog shows doesn’t seem to have been a problem because I mostly focus on simulcast anime, and so I only give this same level of enthusiasm (the level given to Tsuritama at the moment) to current seasonal shows, or shows that I tackled at one point or another as a seasonal show. But look at it this way – because I only give serious dedication to current shows, I hadn’t found an older show that made me do the same for a while – because before I tackled simulcasts, I could give a high level of enthusiasm to the same show for years on end. So if you get me to have the same “proud parent” feelings I did for Souya near the end of Planet With at the episode 5 mark, you have (probably) won my attention enough to grant the show a high rating. That’s exactly what Tsuritama managed to do with Yuki.

I think Tsuritama‘s taught me two things as I mull over exactly why I’m so excited for a stupid fishing anime: 1) anime teaches me all sorts of weird things, including how to do things I wouldn’t be interested in if they weren’t in anime form, and 2) get me to listen to a catchy OP, then back it up with some quality visuals, characters, themes and worldbuilding and I may just be sold for life, even if I don’t rate the show a 100 on my list. (I do believe a lot of the reason why I’m so excited for Tsuritama is just how many times I’ve listened to the OP song.)

So…basically, I think I just found even more reasons to love anime. Not that I needed more reasons in the first place, but you get the idea.

Update: Note the Ghibli movies’ ratings on my list were all given retroactively and King of Thorn was previously under the threshold upon its first rating, which is why they weren’t considered for this post (if they’ve changed, both Spirited Away and King of Thorn had 90 ratings at the time of this post). Also, it’s hard to think about movies on the same scale as shows, since shows have the edge in most respects.

So do you give simulcasts more attention than backlog shows as I do, or is it all just “anime” in the end? If you’ve seen Tsuritama, do you agree with my thoughts on it so faror do you think I’m just overreacting?

5 thoughts on “Finalising the Fall 2018 Lineup & Learning to Love (Backlog) Anime Again

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  1. “a problem that’s been plaguing me ever since I finished Mob Psycho 100 – sometimes, an 80 – 89 and 90 – 100 are only separated by how much I care about the characters, world and themes”

    For my part, I don’t see that as a problem… ratings are inherently subjective and personal after all.

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  2. I love Tsuritama. To me it’s more about everything else rather than the fishing. I’m not sure why it is even classified as a sports anime to begin with. Tsuritama is all about the characters and the world and well, everything really. So yeah, my love is infinite for this anime. I binged it in a couple of days.

    I am not much of a seasonal viewer, except this season apparently when there are so many good once, so I mostly wait until seasons are over and in the meantime I binge whatever I have backlogged or just saved from previous seasons. I often start seasons and then put them on hold if they are worth watching.

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