1st Blogiversary Week Day 1 – Headscratching Search Terms

One of my favourite things about celebratory posts with search terms in them is just how spontaneous they are.

Occasionally, you’ll see a post on people’s WordPress search terms and, much like spam posts, they’re an absolute delight to read every time.

So to kick things off for the anniversary week, here’s some search terms in the Spellbook’s vault (or maybe “index” or “glossary” should be more accurate, seeing as it’s a book…?).

Sidebar: The rest of the agenda for this week is 2 blogging tips for every day except the final one (which is exactly 1 year after the beginning of this blog), which is blog stats…and a surprise.

выключите гимн текст

This, according to Google Translate, means “turn off the anthem”. I’m…not sure what that means.

manga nil admirai (sic) and admeral no tenbin (sic)

These are both misspelling of Nil Admirari no Tenbin, otherwise known as Libra of Nil Admirari (notably, I didn’t realise I was spelling it Nil Admiral no Tenbin until closer observation during spring previews). There is a manga of that, but I haven’t set eyes on it.

juuni taisen manga indo

I do mention the Juuni Taisen manga in a post or two, but in Indonesian (which is what the “indo” presumably means)? Nope.

madoka magica neon genesis evangelion

Welp, someone was specific enough to remember the series mentioned in this post...

cgdct sol

Someone’s appreciating this lil’ ol’ post. For something I wrote in about an hour (a bit of a bragging point within the Aniblogger Coalition), I’m happy it got the attention it did.

horoscope anime eps1

This probably led to the magical girl collab...but if you’re still out there, wayward searcher, and you want an anime about horoscopes, Fruits Basket and Juuni Taisen are probably your best bets for Eastern horoscopes and Saint Seiya is your best bet for Western ones. For manga, there’s one called Zodiac PI.

magical girl aniem 2018 (sic)

This could’ve led to a few posts, but most likely it would be this one. Come to think of it though, there were a few magical girl anime in 2018: Mahou Shoujo Site, Mahou Shoujo Ore and Saint Seiya: Saintia Sho at the very least…

…and here’s my personal favourite, out of the search terms that exist so far:

i really like wordpress thanks for making it 

I didn’t make WordPress. I don’t even know the founder of WordPress! As much as I enjoy my time here and would like to express those sentiments to the relevant parties…I think these words of appreciation have been misplaced.

There you have it. A lot of the other search terms are more boring ones like “bungou stray dogs demographics”, but there’s a few with combos specific to the post such as “houseki no kuni human”.

So what’s your favourite search term that you’ve seen, either on a search engine’s predictions or on a blog?


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