1st Blogiversary Week Day 2 – Blogging Tips #1 & #2

There’s never a shortage of good blogging tips, but you never know. Someone might learn from these.

If you took a gander at the Unique Blogger Award, you’ll know I’m not as much of a rookie as a lot of other bloggers are when they get to their 1 year anniversary. That’s why the 10 bits of wisdom from today and the next 4 days come from various platforms.

  1. Don’t worry about stats.

This is a tip that’s carried over from Tumblr – there, it’s easy to see your follow count go up and then you start to have a mental breakdown when followers start to slip away…Certainly, on WordPress there are lots of nifty graphs so it’s easier to grab a screencap and show off stats, so it doesn’t seem that bad at first, but bear with me here.

The only reason I’m showing off my stats on the 21st and breaking my own rule is because it seems to be somewhat of a custom here on WordPress. It sounds like a good idea for blog progression/reflection (which is one reason why people show off their stats), but stats also make me extremely stressed and obsessed with how to improve the numbers in ways that aren’t productive (especially because the stats page acts as a landing page for when you want to make a post in WordPress for desktop or web). Low pageviews tend to be a reason people abandon their blogs, and I’m no exception.

2. Images work wonders.

Back in the ol’ Tumblr days, I got told to pull something because it was an edit of something that the original creator of that artwork didn’t want used. That ended up making me really guilty and so I dropped using images from my blogging style for the most part.

Then you come to WordPress, where images tend to attract the eye a lot better in the Reader and tend to make posts perform better overall. What should a previously scorned blogger do?

“Source your images and stick to getting your own images if possible” seems to be the answer.

Also, on the note of the free plan’s 3 GB storage – it seems like it’ll last forever at first, but it runs out really quickly if you’re not careful! You can choose to either use a paid plan or use Twitter’s (or some other) sign in to use Imgur, the latter of which I ended up opting for, and from there, you can pick hyperlinking or HTML.

So, does this remind you of certain blogging experiences you’ve had? Have you ever managed to be featured on blogs you’ve wanted to be featured on?




4 thoughts on “1st Blogiversary Week Day 2 – Blogging Tips #1 & #2

Add yours

  1. “Low pageviews tends to be a reason people abandon their blogs, and I’m no exception.”

    Comments are the beating heart of a blog anyhow.

    And before I forget, congrats on the anniversary!


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