Must-read Monthly Monday (December 2018 ed.)

Hopefully you’re having a nice holiday…so far.

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 19th 22nd of November 2018 to the 24th of December 2018.

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

  • Tsuritama by Irina – As you may have already learnt, Tsuritama was the first gem I’d found in my backlog in a while (not counting King of Thorn, because I have a pretty bad memory when it comes to movies). That said, the show was a bunch of fun and even though the post’s timestamp indicates this was when Irina was still finding her feet as a blogger, just leave it to her to capture the same spirit as the show.
  • Normal girl Usagi Tsukino by Atelier Emily (For Me, in Full Bloom) Sailor Moon of the 90s is precious to a whole generation of anime fans, me included, but one of the rewards of that is repeated watches and cherishing new messages that come out of each watch. You may not get the same messages as this blogger, but…just remember to indulge in your childhood shows every once in a while if you can, alright?
  • [OWLS Blog Tour] We All Live in a Pokemon World: An Ode to Pokemon III by Beck Naja (Nice Job Breaking It, Hero) – It may be about the games at Naja’s place, but much like Sailor Moon in one of the previous dotpoints, Pokemon is also one of those legacy-making franchises. For the record, it’s quite likely I started my entire anime journey with the anime, if not with Sailor Moon. I didn’t play the games until Emerald (on an emulator from my cousin which is still sitting on my hard drive to this day), then Diamond (loaned from cousin) and Black 2 (personally bought). I’ve also had brief stints (i.e. only a few minutes while the real player was busy) with Blue Mystery Dungeon.
  • Ani-Blogging Safety Tips: Keep Your Domain Name Safe! by Terrance Crow (Crow’s World of Anime) – Most of these tips are for people who host their own sites, but…you never know when this info might come in handy…
  • D Gray Man – Plot Twists and Plot Turns by ennadune (Friend of Fiction) – This blogger seems to have escaped my all-reading gaze because they only seem to appear to make a few posts at the end of every year. That said, they do cover some manga or their adaptions of things which don’t normally get covered, such as this post for D Gray Man‘s manga (well, it mentions at the start it’s about the anime as well, but aside from mentioning Kanda’s voice actor, it’s all about the manga), so I may be featuring this blogger more in the future…
  • The KyoAni Formula and Why It Works by Luminous Mongoose (Carnivorous L Reviews) – I’ve been watching Hyouka recently (you can see my thoughts on it as one of the 12 Days of Anime) and so I had to jump on this post, which uses Hyouka as one example of many KyoAni shows.
  • [Anime Crush] Yamanbagiri Kunihiro – Something that’s pretty rare around the occidental blog-o-sphere is Touken Ranbu posts – the phenomenon is clearly bigger in Japan than it is outside it. That’s why I automatically had to include this post on one of my favourite swords, Yamanbagiri.
  • Thin Slicing the New Season, Spring 2018 Edition by Jason (Blog Suki) – Thin Slicing and I go way back. Unlike some of the other bloggers I’ve interacted with, I’m not sure how far back I go, but it’s enough that I can’t believe I haven’t made a spotlight out of a Thin Slicing post yet…(although I still get confused at some of the references thrown out during these posts…and spring’s one is much better than fall’s which is why I recommend it instead.)
  • Doing the Danse Macabre to Death Parade by Wanda from Touch the Parallel (Concrete Badger) – I may know nothing about most movies, but if it’s tied to Death Parade, count me in! There are some intersting ideas to be mined from this piece, even the choice of title
  • Eden of the East [Anime Review] by Christopher Reeve (Fantasy and Anime) – While I don’t believe 2009 was a complete dumpster fire for anime, I do have some dissatisfaction for a show that manages to tango with a bunch of themes in what is possibly the clunkiest way possible since Bakumatsu. (Or maybe even more than that.) Basically, someone beat me to the punch on those thoughts, so why not I do them a favour by gving them a lil’ publicity?
  • What to do if Somebody You Love Has Terrible Taste in Anime (A Survival Guide) by Ty-chama (Watashi wa Bucho!!) – I was going to go with the “Why I Love Anime” summary (but had to squirrel it away because all the pingbacks would have given it some publicity), but then the 12 Days of Anime came and this better post came through. There’s a certain person in my life whose tastes in anime indicate what I don’t like, with rare exceptions (since I’ve watched a lot more anime than they have), and this post is really relatable.
  • On Idols and Context by Steelbound from The Null Set – At this point in time, Zombieland Saga isn’t being talked about much – my most popular show of the season in regards to WordPress talk is Gridman, as odd as I find that (although Gridman has gotten better in recent weeks). So when I found a post that talked about both and how much context is needed in anime, it was definitely a pick. (To be honest, Japanese as a language is very context-dependent though…)
  • Is SSSS.Gridman Trigger’s Next Misfire? by Sakura Sunrise – I don’t think I emphasise the need for differing opinions enough, so I’m throwing in this post which praises Gridman. Specifically, I include it for its overt focus on aspects I don’t think I’m very good at – focussing on the audio-visuals and directorial aspects.
  • 12 Days of Anime 3 – Nyah! by wendeego from Isn’t It Electrifying?/Shibireru Darou – It’s more love for Planet With. (Which means the title should probably be “Runyah!” but I digress.) In the technical department, there was an embarrassment of riches in 2018, so let’s celebrate what was this year.
  • Family Matters in Hinamatsuri by Astral Gemini at The Zodiac Room – To cap things off for this segment for the year, we have a post on the cosy Hinamatsuri. This comedy deserves all the praise it gets!

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Spellbook Offerings

12 Days of Anime

Other Stuff

  • Going Behind the Scenes (!!) – Bisco Hatori’s Behind the Scenes!! is my first earnest foray into her oeuvre…well, I say “earnest” because I couldn’t get into Ouran and didn’t read any of Millennium Snow…but as much as the series is charming, I do have a lot of small gripes about it.
  • 10 Best OPs in 2018 – The title explains itself. Also includes an OP from 2017 and an ED from 2018, because I want to confuse the heck out of you. 
  • Miracles of the Mundane and Magical Kind in Cardcaptor Sakura (Dec. 2018 OWLS Blog Tour) – In an attempt to get out of a mental funk caused by extreme disappointment and too much Hyouka, I put myself up to the challenge of being first for my second real OWLS post…Now that I think about it, the writing does seem rushed, doesn’t it?
  • Plot Twist: Not Everyone Wants Spoilery Post Titles – Spoilers are a problem in a culture that emphasises being up-to-date on whatever you’re talking about and nowhere does that come to the fore more than episodic post titles which are delivered straight to your inbox…
  • Kuroko no Basuke Won Me Over – There seems to be a small group of fans who swear off sports anime and manga and I’ve recently left it with things like Prince of Stride: Alternative and, now, Kuroko no Basuke. So since my checking this manga out was in the making for a while, I figured I’d track what led me to do so and what makes the manga work from a non-sports-lover’s perspective.

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Coming up next…

  • Just one or two more posts of the 12 Days of Anime need to appear…
  • This guy representing digital rental site Renta! has bugged me twice about affiliate links (with the exact same message, to boot). Regardless of whether I’m in need of cash or not, twice is a bit much, so just when I think I’m about to sign up because I see people jumping on the affiliate train, I stop myself again. Do any of you fellow bloggers have anything that might help me to make a proper decision about this?
  • I’m running the 3 Days 3 Quotes tag as the year crosses over from 2018 to 2019. Be sure to look forward to it!
  • Don’t quote me on this because I’ve had my dreams dashed on this front before, but I might be headed to Japan in April 2019. If it’s real, I’ll need to prepare…

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  1. I DID really enjoy Tsuritama and think back on it fondly! Thank you so much for sharing such an old post – it’s always impressive when posts get a second wind (even though I had no clue what I was doing back then…)

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