3 Days 3 Quotes #3

This is the final quote, following on from this post and this one.

Once again, thanks to Lina from Tiny Ugly Animal for the opportunity to do this series of quote posts. So, here’s today’s sagacious quote:

“Believe in the world you cannot see.” – Shigeru Mizuki (one of Mizuki’s 7 maxims)

Hmm…hey, wait a second! These quotes have gotten more and more anime-related by the day!

That’s because, if you don’t recognise the name there, Shigeru Mizuki is the dude responsible for Gegege no Kitaro. If you follow seasonal shows at all, you’ll remember that had a new anime in 2018. So it seems vaguely ironic we’re starting 2019 with this.

Like the other quotes, this one has multiple applications – whether it be magic, physics, the supernatural (like Mizuki probably intended it to be) or even just creativity, just some belief can bring a person a long way. It certainly helps me at the very least, since most of my posts are done on a motivation-only basis, rather than an as-needed basis…it’s thanks to the Scheduler that anything gets put out most days.

Interesting fact: This Mizuki quote is basically just a more blog-relevant version of this quote I’ve had sitting on my fanfiction profile for years:

“…Why do so much fantasy have to be so foreign?…Isn’t it more exciting to imagine these great battles with all their magic and mystery happening in the very high street where you live…just out of the corner of your eye?”-Anthony Horowitz, the inspiration for The Power of Five series

This particular quote was longer once, as I typed it from the book I found it in (presumably it would’ve been a copy of the first Power of Five book, Raven’s Gate), then cut it down over the years. However, in the past, I loved Anthony Horowitz books, as one of those rare series that didn’t bother with romance but still catered to the YA crowd. Even though I discovered this guy’s writing around the time I was more of a fanfic writer, this kind of became the mantra for my writing (and associated ideas) of its own accord.

I guess, even today, you can kind of see the impact this quote had on me…*strokes chin while looking at blog title*

Bonus quote!

“If you do your best, whatever happens will be for the best.” – Microsoft Office 4.3/95/97 tip of the day

This was a quote I randomly decided to slap on to my Crunchyroll profile. That is, when I still had one under the name “chesarka” – I deleted it due to security concerns a few years back and haven’t had to make a new one ever since. Because it was an Easter egg originally, I figured I’d append it here…just to brighten up your day.

I was wrapping this up so that I could tell Yomu, “I no longer have any obligations for my own blog, so I can do the collab” (he was teasing he had a collab planned, but needed people to participate at the time). Thus, I dedicate this last nomination to him.

Unlike Shoka’s deal, I’m not going to give any of my nominations pressure over this, so take your time!

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