Eden of the East: This is Obviously Political (5th Day of Anime 2018)

Basically, the only thing separating this from other shows of its ilk is the fact it shows dissatisfaction for the Heisei era. With the Showa era predicted to reach its end in 2019 when the current emperor abdicates his throne, it feels somewhat odd to watch Eden of the East, with its ideas encapsulating how... Continue Reading →

The Importance of the Sequential Nature of Media (6th Day of Anime 2018)

How important is it to have a set chronological order in which to consume media? I’d obtained a copy of Usagi Drop from my local library and was about to watch it, only to get interrupted by something outside. When I returned and started up the disc, I only realised after 3 episodes and 2... Continue Reading →

Kuroko no Basuke Won Me Over

…not that you needed to know that because I already mentioned it in the Megane Day post in October, but for someone like me who isn’t into basketball, that means a lot. In my early days of being a blogger, I had prejudices against certain kinds of works I perceived to be “too popular”. Some... Continue Reading →

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