Plans for 2019 (So Far)

Well, the year’s already started but I might as well…

Due to the obscene amount of posts and things to explore on the internet, I’m quite behind on my reading backlog (both on paper and on WordPress)…

…well, the real reason I wrote this thing is because Lina put out a list of manga to catch up on and I couldn’t resist doing the same.

So, let’s divide this up:


  • I’m already two episodes into Saint Seiya Saintia Sho (one episode behind the free episodes as I type this)and it’s not bad for a series newbie like me. Hopefully it treats me well – it could make the 2019 list of stuff I watched (which is not something I could say for Tono to Issho or Ga Rei Zero, which I finished in the gap between the final ratings post of 2018 and January 1st). I could stick with Saintia Sho if it ends up much like Saiyuki Reload Blast (that is, a piece of continuity that makes me want to learn about the original series and its various spinoffs).
  • I’m also currently working on HiDive anime which are on Crunchyroll, because the Funiroll split taught me not to take anything for granted. This means I’m working on Classicaloid season 2 for backlog and have to move to Hozuki no Reitetsu season 2 after that, but rest assured I haven’t forgotten about Outbreak Company (the next TBR/W post). Also, it’s a good time to do so because there isn’t much out on the simulcast front on the premium side as I type this – just a Fate detective spinoff and the cold episode of Cells at Work…if that counts for anything.
  • On a similar front, I think Barakamon will have to be switched out from one of my challenges and I’ll have to do more Funiroll split damage control where necessary.
  • Speaking of which, 2019 has no blogging or anime resolutions because it’s a damage control year for 2018’s. As much as I was able to achieve most of my 2018 goals just fine, I feel like I had to push myself – in a way that didn’t feel fun – to achieve said goals just so that I could say “Yes! I fulfilled my goals” in September, not to mention checking out all the extra shows means I’ll have some real stinkers to clean out of my paused list…


I have a big stack of books sitting on the table next to me as I type this and most of it is due back to the library sometime this month, so the relevant books are (following the concept of the first come first served priority system for simplicity’s sake and grouping by series/order):

  • Noragami vol. 2
  • Case Closed vols. 58 and 66 (which would then make me one volume away from being up-to-date with the official English translations)
  • Food Wars! vol. 1 (an odd choice for the one who normally doesn’t deal with fanservice, I know. However, there exists a certain Akira Hayama who is very much to my liking looks-wise, but I don’t know if his personality is to my liking…)
  • Your Lie in April vol. 2
  • No Game No Life LNs vols. 1 – 4 (Materialisation Shiritori happens to be the only thing that really captured my heart from NGNL, but I’d happily wade through countless other volumes for it. I mean, I’ve already seen the anime, so it’s not like there are going to be too many spoilers, right…?)
  • Blue Exorcist vol. 13 (not sure if I’ve read this one before, but I’ll remember when I get to it and mark it off if I haven’t)
  • Behind the Scenes!! vols. 2 – 4
  • Black Jack vol. 14 (the one I salvaged from the scrap heap, so it’s in Japanese)
  • Anonymous Noise vol. 6
  • Kuroko’s Basketball vol. 7 – 8
  • My Brother’s Husband vol. 1 (again, weird choice since I don’t deal with bara or anything of its ilk a lot, but I get what I can, y’know?)

Sidebar: Note when I said “relevant” books, that mean “books that fit the idea of this blog in some form”. Then again, I’m currently in the middle of reading an irrelevant book, which caused the queue to form in the first place…what irony…

As explained in the link and using the idea that the way the books are grouped is metaphorically considered a “process”, the fastest solution to my queue is that I should change my priority system to shortest remaining time (as round robin and any other system which allows “chopping up” a “process” would cause me to forget where I’m up to).

Other things

  • Yomu’s collab, which I assume from the post’s comments is going to be on Kono Bijutsubu wa Mondai ga Aru! (This Art Club Has a Problem!), is set to start on the 7th of January, which – knowing my main audience is out of sync with my timezone – converts itself to the 8th. If all goes well, it should be done weekly and conclude by March’s end.
  • I kind of miss one-off, multi-post blog projects which aren’t collabs, but haven’t had any ideas after the bingo one, which was almost an entire year ago. I was thinking of going through my anime collection and comparing the sub to the dub (where applicable), but I’m not sure how to make that into a blog project.

If anyone has any ideas on the blog project front, I’d be happy to hear them. Otherwise…I should stop reciting what I’m going to do and get on with this darn backlog…




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  1. AWWW your like me and borrows some manga from the library. Sometimes I’m terrible for just leaving it and never reading it. Though my motivation wasn’t as it is now ahaha lol Don’t get be started on backlog stuff. I’m not starting any new seasonal shit till I’ve actually got through the series I want to finish !!!

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