Fall 2018 Retrospective

I was thinking about what to write during my update post, but amidst my backlog worries, I forgot the wrap-up post! (Well, that’s what happens when you go on a road trip on New Year’s Day and start said update post at 12 am on the 2nd…)

Just listing out the shows makes me realise this season was pretty strong, even if there were lots of ups and downs.

  • Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san – Probably the most stable show in regards to its consistency – I’m a pretty easy person to please, I guess, if you so happen to discuss anime, manga and its global nature plus the tribulations of Retail Hell (which volunteering at a used goods shop will give you a sample of…but without the pay…). The only dip in it was that weird youkai segment in the penultimate episode, plus some references I didn’t get.
  • Double Decker! – The ending needed some more time to breathe and the implications of the prom episode and the whole Milla/Valery business are a bit awkward plus the debacle with Yuri’s replacement body was very awkward (at least foreshadow that bit better!), but nonetheless, the show managed to stay fairly entertaining throughout, enough to edge past Golden Kamuy. If Crunchyroll picks up those extra episodes and they actually do somthing worthwhile, then I’m looking forward to them. (Which reminds me: Nanbaka‘s extra episode was, frankly, a slap in the face after such an inconclusive ending. Please don’t remind me of Nanbaka again, people…)
  • Golden Kamuy 2 – It was a good choice on the arranger’s part to have a split-cour Golden Kamuy, because while the ending isn’t conclusive enough to say they found the gold or got all the skins – in fact, Sugimoto allies himself with the Koitos and Tsurumi at the end, which is a precarious thing to end on – the fact Sugimoto, Asirpa and co. discovered Nopperabo’s identity and had a huge scuffle with the wardens of Abashiri is enough catharsis in itself, I think (mostly because I read some spoilers on TV Tropes before watching the final episode…sorry I never mentioned that, Scott). The exercise in character exploration while still having all of the other things that make Golden Kamuy great was really something that impressed me, so if I had to pick a season it would be this one (season 1 was more focussed on setup, I think). While season 1 and season 2 both had cool OPs, had I not accidentally thought ID-0 was a 2018 show, I would’ve listed some runners-up instead and both of those songs might’ve made a showing on my post instead.
  • Zombieland Saga – The ending was a bit of a turn-off, since the middle episodes were all character studies and Sakura was probably at her worst when dithering – she’s not a very good ditherer, although I did find it sympathetic to a small degree. Zombieland Saga was best either when it mashed horror with comedy, mashed idol tropes with unexpected musical genres or did character studies that make you root for Franchouchou, meaning the ending is a hair’s breadth away from being called “disappointing” because 1) no Yuugiri backstory, 2) no Tae backstory, 3) no Kotaro backstory (aside from the “Inui-kun” scene) and 4) there’s no explanation beyond Kotaro’s initial bit about zombie movies regarding how the girls became zombies in the first place (also, Xu Fu speculation…?). It was conclusive, just with multiple doors left open for a sequel and the Twitter was teasing more, so who knows…? There may be more Franchouchou in our future.
  • Merc Storia – I think my love of this was blown up through playing the source game. It has some hot dudes (Antel, Jeantore, Raviol…), also some great ladies if you want them (Michellia, Menereah) and some good lessons, but you can clearly tell this is a gacha game because it’s got too many characters and not enough focus on an overarching storyline (although there is a main story that could have been adapted). However, apparently these stories were voted upon as being the best event stories of the game, which is why they kept changing countries every two episodes.
  • SSSS.Gridman – This show isn’t bad per se. It just took a long time to garner my favour…8 episodes, which for a 12 episode show is pretty darn long, not to mention I outright had to complain about the lack of consequences at the beginning. However, if you’re merely wanting a mood piece or can forget there need to be consequences when it comes to punching out the bad guy, Gridman is your anime. Also, that ending. I thought that live-acton segment was meant to be showing Rikka at first, but if you re-engineer your thinking so that it’s Akane, the show makes a lot more sense…

As mentioned previously, I’ve got Classicaloid to catch up with, Kono Bijutsubu wa Mondai ga Aru to work on and, if I need a backup show, I’ll pull That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime from the paused section.

So, how did the fall 2018 season treat you? For one thing, I’ve seen lots of buzz for Bunny Girl Senpai, but I’ve got zero intention to try that out again…

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