This Art Club Has a Problem! ep. 2: A Study in Scarlet (Paint)

That post title may be the most irrelevant one yet, as my topic is only tangentially related to the red paint in the first place.

Today’s theme: What’s the Deal with that Marble Head? (episodic, see episode 2 themes list here)

I love speculation when you don’t know what’s going to come next, so here are some ideas I thought up in Jenn’s comment section before watching episode 2:

Where does the head come from?

While watching episode 1, I was thinking the head looked like Michelangelo’s David – y’know, that one nude statue that people sometimes think about when it comes to “high art”.

Unfortunately, his face isn’t quite right.

Then I had a lightbulb moment: what if the head was one of those statues from Sekkou Boys? Maybe he was some fifth member of the statue-idol group (or sixth, if you count the manager) and, in the process of being prepared for that show, was broken by someone…! Not to mention, Sekkou Boys was airing in winter 2016 and Konobi is from summer 2016, which makes the timeline make sense from a meta perspective.

There’s also the fact the head was broken off in a straight line across the neck or something resembling a straight line…All I can say to that is that whoever broke it in the first place has some mad statue-breaking skills.

“Oi, are you just implying this was a deliberate act of statue-idol sabotage?” you ask. Yes…I might be. *cue scare chord*

So, who broke the head off? I don’t know, but I guess we might be able to find out in episode 2.

Case of the Art Club President’s Murder

…well, these cases are just stacking up, aren’t they? First vandalism from breaking the marble head off its body, now murder (or at the very least, unintentional vandalism of a school floor and a painting). Subaru and the club president ought to be ashamed of themselves and Koyama-sensei should get them to clean up the floor immediately!

But the only people who know the act was unintentional are both preoccupied with trying to keep the fact the painting was ruined a secret, while Mizuki is preoccupied with finding her painting.

Fortunately, we do have one other witness to consult in a case like this – the marble head.

…That is, if marble heads were capable of testimony…

Love Letter Panic

The head seems to disapprove of how vague Mizuki is and how dense Subaru is. Just imagine its thought process being something like this:

“Oh, kids these days. They can’t spit out their feelings for the other person because they’re too concerned with misunderstanding how the other person feels. In my day, people would be more straightforward about how they feel…” (rambles on)

(…basically, episode 2 was useless, particularly because Good Child, Bad Child, Lost Child didn’t feature the head at all.)

So, to summarise what might be going on with the marble head:

  • It could be just a broken piece of school property.
  • It could be the phantom sixth member of the idol group in Sekkou Boys, like some demented version of Kuroko no Basuke, and it merely got left behind in the seasonal (or idol) shuffle.
  • It witnesses everything that’s going on in the clubroom, so it’s able to testify against acts of vandalism and murder when the need arises. (Assuming someone can get it to talk.)
  • It’s a grumpy old man which just wants Mizuki and Subaru to get together already…and taking into account that it witnesses everything that goes on in the clubroom, that means in the previous episode it must have seen Subaru trying to paint Mizuki and this episode, it would have witnessed her shuffling around on the chair and eventually falling in graphic detail, giving it a stellar view of her…erhem. What a dirty old man this marble head is!

The real explanation behind the head is probably because it’s something to draw/paint when the Art Club has nothing else to draw, or a sculpture (or part of one) that was left behind. However, thinking about weird backstories for mundane stuff is a lot tougher than you think it might be – Irina’s Sanrio Boys-turned-Nefarious Sparkles is probably a lot better than this endeavour.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be getting ahead of myself (bad pun fully intended) – does anyone else have ideas about what’s going on with the marble head? (Also, should I have referred to the head using male pronouns?)

10 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem! ep. 2: A Study in Scarlet (Paint)

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  1. I’M SO GLAD YOU MENTIONED SEKKOU BOYS! That was the big thing I thought of when I saw the marble head at first, lol. I didn’t even realize they were from the same year, so I’m sold on this meta-backstory now…

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  2. Made me laugh with this one.
    I took a shot at the marble head getting some explanation in episode 2 but I guess the anime isn’t ready to reveal its secrets just yet. Love the direction you took with this post though haha

    Liked by 2 people

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