Winter 2019 First Impressions Pt 2: The Old, The New…and the Plain Cute

The title categories (old/new/cute) can overlap, by the way.

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Saintia Sho

Wow…stuff really happened this episode, huh? I didn’t expect it to be endgame for Kyoko so fast!

After 4 episodes, it’s a bit of a miracle I haven’t been locked out by not knowing the rest of the series. Then again, there was a bit this episode about this Rigel dude which I assume is explained in the series proper…This series is a good time-waster (like it was when it debuted), but I can see it losing out against some of the stronger competition now that the season’s begun in earnest.

The fact the characters each have one move and improve on it, rather than having a repertoire of moves or upgrading moves every so often, seems kind of dumb, but maybe that’s because I didn’t grow up with the original or shows from its era.



Mob Psycho 100 II

Mob Psycho is an interesting exercise in both the various artstyles it employs and the analysis of the use of power, but I haven’t managed to wrangle a coherent post out of it yet…so maybe this is my chance!

The only real change it seems to have employed is that Mob’s character development gets him places (and a girlfriend, even if for a dare…and gets him on the stage in an attempt to get him to be student council president…and gets him to willingly demonstrate his powers), rather than his powers or lack of character development…and that’s what makes me think, “What a time to be alive,” because seeing character development pay off is what we watch subsequent seasons for, no?

Other notes:

  • Unlike Mononokean, you need to have watched season 1 (or at the very least, the Reigen recap).
  • There are actual eyecatches now! The pixel segment with “umami 0%” was cool too.
  • The only thing I can downgrade Mob Psycho for in my rankings is the fact it was giving me vibes of a book called Inventing Elliot for the student council plotline. I had to study that book once and I remember not liking it much.
  • Is “your life is your own” Mob Psycho‘s slogan? 



My Roommate is a Cat

Tl;dr: Cute kitty show too good.

It’s basically Gakuen Babysitters, only it takes both the cat’s and the owner’s perspective as they overcome loss, eat food, inspire each other and (in Subaru’s case) write novels. It’s relatable from both the cat and human perspectives, but…don’t be like Subaru. Don’t forget to eat…

Sidebar: I never mention it but I saw a black rabbit outside one day in 2015 or so and, although no one believed me at first, my family worked together to catch him and he’s been our (troublesome) companion ever since…

Other notes:

  • Hiroto looks like Suzaku (Code Geass), methinks.
  • Did you see the Dancing Cats in the OP??? Ages ago, I read about the Dancing Men in one of the Childcraft books and I was surprised, once I was learning about computer security, the same trick deciphered certain codes, not just ones about stick figures…I want to solve the code now…



Meiji Tokyo Renka

Apparently Ume is here in a later episode, so I hope this will treat me well…

…scratch that. That was kinda bland, not least because Mei mostly doesn’t do much but be a loner, get tossed around by dudes (I know “You belong to me” is at least partially something to scare Fujita off, but I felt vaguely pissed at it) and chase beef (not that beef!). There’s also an amnesia plotline, which probably won’t pan out too well, and Meiji dudes who you won’t recognise without Google even if you’ve seen Bungou Stray Dogs (of which there are 2 mutual characters portrayed completely differently).

The worst part? I didn’t feel like I wanted to romance these dudes until Fujita made a proper appearance at the end! (Update: Fujita is actually Hajime Saito of the Shinsengumi, which explains the sword…!)

Other notes:

  • When you look at this Kyoka, do you think of Mahoutsukai no Yome‘s Chise? Also, I think Ougai looks a bit like Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun‘s Mikoshiba.
  • I thought “Little Flower” from Magic-kyun! Renaissance and Dame x Pri was cheesy-terrible, but “Little Squirrel”…because it’s a pet name from Mori (kanji translates to “forest”)? What were the creator/s thinking?
  • The jazz music in one initial scene was nice.
  • There was also a small part in the carriage where you, as a player, are meant to insert your name. It’s a bit obvious to me, but I don’t know if it sticks out to anyone else.
  • There are fun facts if you Google the right stuff – for example, see this post, which explains the source is from 2011 (!!!) and history behind the Rokumeikan.



Rinshi! Ekoda-chan

I got the impression that this was a short-ep series from somewhere, hence why this one’s the 5th impression when there are normally only 4. It is a short series…but it has an episode’s worth of making-of documentary attached to the end, which justifies me not treating it as a short.

Anyways, I deleted my Crunchyroll account before the Funiroll split because I thought I didn’t need it + I was getting a lot of spam on the connected email. Shigurui proved I needed an account, then it got away due to the aforementioned split. Then I started panicking because HiDive was getting a bunch of winter 2019 shows I wanted to see, so I hastily signed back up so I’d have access to this show.

Needless to say…it wasn’t worth it. Out of the real content about half the jokes missed and I did find the bit about people thinking you’re older than you are relatable, but that’s all I found good about it.

Other notes:

  • Google says rinshi means “near-death”.
  • Note there’s a Japanese store called JUSCO (name parodied). I went to one in Hong Kong once and I remember it having some cool stationery stuff…but that’s a memory that’s over 10 years old, so they might be harder to find now.


It was pretty tough to decide what ranked first after Mob Psycho came back…but after some deliberation, I made my decision. Better start cutting the number of shows down soon!


  • Mob Psycho 100 II (finished 1 ep)
  • Shield Hero (finished 1 ep)
  • My Roommate is a Cat (finished 1 ep)
  • Morose Mononokean II (finished 1 ep)
  • Saintia Sho (finished 4 eps)
  • Egao no Daika (finished 1 ep)
  • Boogiepop (finished 2 eps)


  • Meiji Tokyo Renka (finished 1 ep, find Ume once show finishes)


  • Rinshi! Ekoda-chan (watched 4 mins animation + 3 mins documentary out of 26)

Feel free to answer as many or as little of these questions as you’d like:

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