This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 3: Fussing Over Details

I figured I’d take a laidback approach with this one; that is, I’ll type up whatever comes to mind and then cobble it into a post. That’s what I do most times, but the process always turns out to be a slightly different experience.

Today’s theme: Sometimes, It’s the Small Things in Anime (core, see episode themes here)

Where is the Thing I’m Looking For?

Fairly early on (2:27, to be precise), we’re greeted with a monologue. This particular monologue stands out because it could have just been conveyed by a simple conversation. Notably…I think that was Mizuki that did the explanation, but why her (from a narrative viewpoint, not from a logistics one)???

The reason I picked this theme is to do some nitpicking with the translation – the rocket/locket joke still works in English, but when Collette mentions a locket can’t fly, it doesn’t make much sense until you remember in Japanese, R and L are the same thing.

I think if this episode had occurred a lot later than it did, then it would’ve been a lot funnier, as it could’ve snuck in more continuity jokes.

…speaking of continuity jokes, some of the best in this show come from the transition frames between segments. For instance, the one between this segment and the next is Mizuki finding a rocket, while Collette found her locket in her pocket…that’s a lot of rhyming.

Short Bob

The shot of the door lingered for exactly 5 seconds. I can tell you that because I watched the timer go from 9:26 to 9:31!

The rabbit hasn’t changed at all these past few episodes. In order to investigate this, I found a clear shot of it…and it turns out it’s a 12 month calendar…oops. It also turns out in the same screenshot, you can see there’s a prefectural exhibition (県展) on the corkboard Mizuki is looking at.

According to the screenshot on Jenn’s post, the calendar bunny was facing the other way in episode 1! That’s…kinda freaky, to be honest. (Source: Konobi ep 3)

The pun in this segment relies on “Shou and Bob” being Shou to Bobu, as opposed to “short bob (haircut)” (sho-to bobu, which could alternatively be transcribed shouto bobu). I think translating that joke into English caused it to be ruined, but humour is subjective after all.

Those cars (and single truck) when Mizuki walks home are so obviously CGI…! Which reminds me, Studio feel. is also responsible for Tsukigakirei (from spring 2017, i.e. about a year after Konobi), so feel. has a short history of slightly off-looking CGI in my head.

Indirect Kiss

This episode’s faces seem slightly more regularly exaggerated then the norm. I wonder why…? Especially scenes involving overly round eyes or elliptical ones.

Round eyes, exhibit A. This is also my nomination for Perfect Screencap, because look at how the red and orange goes with Collette’s features! (Source: Konobi ep 3)

Collette’s brick joke of flying a kite on the school roof comes back…and the president’s just sleeping with a book on his face. (He really is our spirit animal! All praise the Club President!) Speaking of Collette, I realised ever since the episode started, I’ve been watching the cupboard even though I now know Collette’s not in there anymore…

Kaori’s ribbon seems to move up and down when she talks, in time with her syllables. Anyways, how do people wave with the gesture that kind of looks like a Spock handsign? I could do it if I deliberately tried, but not as a casual thing.

When I say “hand gesture that kind of looks like a Spock handsign”, I mean this one from Kaori (middle). (Source: Konobi ep 3)

Sidebar: It was hard to figure out which of Mizuki’s friends was which at first, but there are little signs to distinguish them. Kaori signs her picture with her name (かおり), but Sayaka and Ryoko don’t. Add this to Mizuki’s exclamation of “Sayaka!” at the end of the episode and do some process-of-elimination deduction, and Ryoko = tall megane, Sayaka = news club member with purple phone and Kaori = ribbon.

H-Hey! The real purpose of that marble head showed up! It’s not a dirty man, it’s a heavy object meant for throwing at others when you’re mad so you can let off some steam! I should’ve thought of that one earlier! Dangit!

To be honest, I’d never heard of a “banana au lait” until I saw it in the subs and Googled it…it apparently tastes like a banana smoothie, which makes me feel kinda thirsty actually…be right back…

*After the sounds of some fizzy drink being poured…*

I’m back now. Let’s continue:

Notice Mizuki says “sankyu“. In comparison to arigatou, it’s more casual, but the most important part? It’s fun to say for English native speakers (because it’s just English which is katakana-ified). Also notice Mizuki likes the idea of apples in general, as she asked for apple juice, while her friends ask for milk tea and (green) tea, with cans in the background. (I thought those cans were smartphones upon my first watching, but replaying the scene several times helped.) By the way, if you wonder why Kaori wasn’t confused with orders of “milk tea” and “tea”, the latter is ocha (お茶) which the other is audibly miruku ti-.

With a conclusion to a segment being all this can-switching, wouldn’t you say this is Subaru’s sweet revenge?…

*booing ensues*

(Okay, let me finish the post first, then I’ll see myself out! Geesh!)


  • You can see Mizuki looking at the rocket on the ED’s cube. Also, if you observe the cube closely, you can see manga-style writing on some of the images, leading me to believe they were pulled straight from the manga on which this was based.
  • “Imigimuru”, the creator of My Sister is Watching, isn’t just a random name – it’s the name of Konobi‘s mangaka! By the way, I wonder what the true purpose of My Sister is Watching being in the clubroom was…?

…okay, now I’ll see myself out. *drinks fizzy drink while leaving*

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  1. Going to have to pay close attention to the rabbit calendar now! Very interesting catch, I wonder if it was intentional?

    I also noticed that Usami was narrating despite not being there in the beginning, seemed a little odd!

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