February 2019 Jon’s Creator Showcase: Now Taking Entries!

Howdy friends! Care to submit a post for the Showcase?

Well, if you don’t know about this blog yet…the name’s Aria (pseudonym). I’ve been a contributor to the Showcase since the first one so I figured I’d handle February to ease into hosting…I have my own round-up as well, which is why I’ve refused, but Karandi hosted a month to change my mind.

Kudos to Nesha for the JCS image.

What’s the Showcase?

It’s a way to get your name out there through submission and discover other creators you’ve never known about. A detailed explanation from the man himself is here and you can check past Showcases (start with the one I linked above and head to his place to see January 2019’s) to get a feel for the whole thing. You can also sign up to host the last few months of 2019 here.

However, this also wouldn’t be possible without Raistlin’s enthusiasm for keeping the Showcase alive, so…shout-out to him as well (despite his current hiatus).

What do you submit?

Almost anything you were proud of creating from January 2019! Just follow these rules:

  • 18+ stuff is okay (porn won’t be in the Showcase). Please label it as such if you do so, though.
  • No endorsement of illicit activity, hate speech, spam or other inappropriate activity.
  • Content should be comprehensible (ideally in English, although other languages are OK).
  • Any topic is okay, not just anime or manga, and any format/type is okay, not just text posts or photos (so you could hypothetically submit fanfiction, video or a comic).
  • This content has to be yours and should be respectful to others. If you don’t know if it fits, submit it anyway and I’ll check it. Should it be a collab, you will need to negotiate with your collaborator/s and myself before the deadline (and have proof of your collaborator/s’s consent, just in case I need to get it past Jon as well).
  • Just to repeat: you need January 2019 content.

How to submit

  • Submit via commenting on this post, through Twitter DM (if you’re shy) to @MagicConan14 or through the Twitter thread (below).
  • Submissions start February 4th and run until February 28th (all dates GMT +10). I’ll still check for submissions on March 1st since timezones are hard to calculate, but ideally you should submit while the month of February is still happening.
  • If starting a submission on your own via Twitter, 1) use #TheJCS (this changed last month), 2) notify @MagicConan14 and 3) tag at least 3 individuals to submit content (no pressure if you didn’t create any content though!). I will also keep an eye on #JonsCreatorShowcase, but will not prioritise it as much as the other hashtag.
  • By submitting art directly through one of these methods, you acknowledge I have the ability to repost. With credit, of course.
  • If you’re itching to see what the final Showcase might look like, feel free to read content from other people as well.

Here’s the Twitter thread I mentioned:

Well, if you need any help, just ask through the comments, tweet or ask Jon at @JS_Reviews.

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