This Art Club has a Problem! Ep. 6: All the Animals…and Then Some Other Stuff

Theme this time: Animals (see all themes and post for this episode here)

The Cute Transfer Girl

  • We start our episode by looking at Mizuki’s room. As you may remember from a previous episode’s post, Mizuki’s room is full of adorable rabbits. Then there’s also her rabbit clip, of course. Edit: In particular, while Mizuki talks to Subaru over the phone you can see some white rabbits with red eyes, which I don’t think I’ve seen up until this episode.
  • Then we get a kitty that’s not quite as wholesome as Haru from My Roommate is a Cat, but still a nice kitty.
  • Aside from that, the first segment doesn’t have any animals…but hey, humans are also primates, also known as animals, so I guess I can discuss them too…whaddaya mean, that’s cheating?! Does that mean talking about the head is cheating too???

A Curious Couple

  • The rabbit calendar returns with this segment. Notably, in the past few episodes it’s been facing the same way but there was a time when it was facing the other way and in the more distant past, it wasn’t there at all…I’ve been trying to chart that in previous episodes, but I think it’s most relevant to this post.
  • There are silhouettes of frogs on a sign behind Mizuki when the show cuts to the shopping centre. The silhouettes are green and “Health Care” is written between them in a reddish colour.
  • Inside the store, too, there are various animal-themed girls such as Subaru’s cat-eared waifu from a previous episode and the rabbit-eared girl from the dakimakura. You even see Subaru’s old flame Ribbon-chan in the store on a poster! However, Madame Rabbit isn’t actually rabbit-themed…which I must boo for the sake of the theme I’m using…
  • Mizuki’s new strap kind of looks like a bear…hmm…but it has a ‘fro. Does that count???


  • I feel vaguely pissed off that Mizuki calls manga “stuff for boys”…there’s shoujo and josei, plus multi-demographic appeal, fo a reason, y’know. But maybe that’s my bias.
  • The yoyo had Kaori’s name on it!
  • T-That thing Maria and Subaru are discussing is definitely a parody of the Heroic Legend of Arslan (at least by the title)!
  • I think Mizuki’s faceplant is making a homage to when Subaru was sleeping on the couch instead of the President because he was having artist’s block.
  • Collette looks like she’s gearing up to do a magic trick at 12:37…hmm. Let’s see where that leads…Update: It leads nowhere. Boo…
  • Notably, when Mizuki asks Subaru to accompany her, she uses tsukiatte kudasai. Depending on the context, that phrasing can mean “date me” or “accompany me”.

This post’s a bit shorter than the others, but I’m feeling kind of lazy today. So what’s been your favourite animal in Konobi so far?

4 thoughts on “This Art Club has a Problem! Ep. 6: All the Animals…and Then Some Other Stuff

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  1. Haha, so this means that you, Jon, and myself all noticed Collette gearing up for a magic trick – only for no magic trick to occur! A shame.

    Maybe Usami was referring to the Black Dragon Eye being for boys? (Which is also incorrect, as you will see in my post tomorrow…).

    I need to keep better track of that rabbit calendar.
    It keeps slipping under my radar.

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