Which Classicaloid Character Would Be Your Husbando/Waifu?

A text-based quiz for the ages!

In the 32nd episode (overall, aka the second season’s 7th episode) of Classicaloid, Kanae’s mother and Liszt go around looking for husband material. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out either, though – just take this quiz based on their analyses and you can claim yet another husbando of your own. Don’t worry, waifu fans, you just need to scroll down a bit more to take your own version of the quiz.

Husbando quiz!

START – 1) What sort of man are you looking for?

A sensitive sort who knows how I feel – go to 2

A wild sort who makes all the hard decisions so I don’t have to – go to 3

2) If you had to pick the lesser of two evils in regards to your husbando’s flaws, which would be the better (in other words, more tolerable) choice?

He’s too eager to please the person he admires the most/He’s often away on his own travels – ending 1

He can’t even handle the mailman when it comes to social interaction/He’s too attached to his gadgets and technology – go to 4

3) What do you admire most in a man?

Passion, directed towards one source – ending 2

Creativity, which engulfs everything – go to 5

4) When it comes to music, would you prefer an up-and-comer or an established musician?

The former – ending 5

The latter – ending 4

5) What sort of depths would you like your husbando to have?

He’s able to appreciate different cultures – ending 1

He’s constantly experimenting with things, thus being open to everything – ending 2

He’s still holding on to trauma from long ago, so he uses happiness to cover it up – ending 3

He doesn’t intrude on other people’s personal space – ending 4

He’s good with technological things – ending 5


Ending 1 – Schubert: A solid supporter of his Beethoven-senpai, Schu is known to really make things go wacky, whether it be turning people into aquatic creatures or rapping about avocadoes. Maybe he just needs a person to believe in him like he believes in his senpai…

Ending 2 – Beethes: The man knows no limits, whether it be guitars, gyoza or a quality cup of coffee. This Beethoven may not be deaf, but he definitely exhibits the passion necessary for his name.

Ending 3 – Motz: Motz is a fibber, a girl-chaser and a prankster, but underneath this lies a heart more traumatised than he likes to admit. Of course, the right sort of person can will be able to accept him for who he is, regardless of all these attributes.

Ending 4 – Cho-chan: The introverted Cho-chan is your ideal (or maybe just your result). He’s a bit of a recluse and an internet addict, but with the right person, he”ll come out of his shell.

Ending 5 – Sousuke: Kanae’s childhood friend and constant hanger-on, Sousuke’s a bit of an idiot, the resident punching-bag and full of pride, which is honestly a bit of a weird combination of traits to have, but I’m sure you can handle him…well, at least you have Pad-kun if you can’t…

Waifu quiz!

START – 1) What sort of woman are you looking for?

A down-to-earth type who’ll do chores if the need arises – go to 2

One who gets involved and who loves to drink – go to 3

2) What preference do you have when it comes to your waifu’s hairstyle?

Long hair – ending 1

Short hair – ending 3

[No real preference] – go to 4

3) Do you like idols?

Yes! – ending 2

No! – ending 4

4) What sorts of opinions do you have when it comes to music? (If you agree with more than one, then pick the one you feel strongest about.)

I’ll listen to one song over and over again – ending 1

I don’t care about music all that much anymore – ending 3

Music is something that’s filled with the feelings of the artist – ending 4

Music should be experimental – ending 2

Ending 1 – Bada-chan: She may be a one-hit wonder, but she makes up for it with her looks, kindness…and maybe the wrath of a thousand suns if you get her angry…

Ending 2 – Tchaiko-chan: She’s a grumpy vodka-drinking lass obsessed with eating mushrooms and being a slob, but she’s smarter than she looks, really! She and Bada-chan are like peas in a pod, so maybe you and her will get along well too.

Ending 3 – Kanae: The landlady of the Otowa mansion. She’s a bit stubborn, but evenly balances things like the pursuit of love (?) with getting other residents in line with her ideals of the “perfect guest of the mansion” (to varying degrees of success).

Ending 4 – Liszt: The lady who loves love itself. Although she has the body of a mature woman (which she uses to sip cocktails a lot less often than you’d expect), she can still be as childish as the other residents of the Otowa mansion and yet still have Kanae’s best interests at heart. Maybe she’ll have yours there too someday…?

So who’d you get? Do you think your result is accurate for a basic test I whipped up in an hour or two? Please don’t ask for Wagner or Dvorak though, that would be wayyyyy too awkward…

4 thoughts on “Which Classicaloid Character Would Be Your Husbando/Waifu?

Add yours

  1. Wow, this is one of the most thought-out internet quizzes I’ve seen in forever.

    (I got Bada, which is kind of appropriate since I always felt a bit sorry for her.) 😺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I made a few quizzes for other websites before I got hit by a flood of spam on a previous email, so I could – hypothetically speaking – put more effort into it. (I know you were joking, but still…)

      But hey, the fact someone outside Anime Feminist watches Classicaloid is news enough for me. The lazy quiz post did its job!

      It still confuses me as to how people get these emojis though. (…Or maybe I’m just not an emoji person.)


      1. Oh, I was seriously impressed with your quiz. Though I’m no expert on internet quizzes!

        I watched the series up until everyone turned into fish, and by then it felt a bit thin to me. Maybe I’ll pick it back up again.

        I’m no expert on emoji, either! My Android keyboard app has them. That’s pretty much all I know.

        Liked by 1 person

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