This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 7: When Staring at Backgrounds, Make Sure Not to Get Lost in Them…

Spoiler: I got a dud topic this time.

This time’s theme: What’s going on in the background? (episodic, see themes list and more takes on this episode here)

The background in this show is quite empty, but that means when something interesting pops up, it’s all the more notable. I’v counted everything in the background of what’s being told, meaning some of Collette’s and President’s antics and some of the other foreground things got in as well…although I admit I deviated a bit from the theme at times too. So, enough dallying – let’s go!

Our First Joint Task…?

  • As Mizuki and Subaru discuss their deadline and Tachibana-sensei’s encouragement, there are two girls. One of them has a hairstyle similar to Imari, but has brown hair…Now, if only the sound design were good enough to let us know what they were talking about, that would be helpful for this theme…
  • While their unnamed black-haired second-year schoolmate disses Subaru’s way of making art, you see a single girl and two guys. Ooh…I think someone’s confessing here (with the secon guy as wingman to the one being confessed to)!
  • When Mizuki puts down “Dove-san”, you can see copies of something called Haou on the shelf. Why is this important? The magazine Konobi was serialised in was (Dengeki) Maou, so this, combined with the size of the spine, would imply Haou is a doorstopper manga magazine as well. Notably, Haou appeared in episode 5 as well – next to the New Game! parody on the table of manga. I just never made a proper note of it until I gave a comment to fellow Konobi collab member Nate (aka Jon Spencer).
  • In other news, in the same shot you can see Mr Plaster Head staring at Mizuki as well. Maybe he’s silently directing his anger at her, because he (incorrectly) blames her for his being painted over…?
  • In Mizuki’s fantasy, Subaru’s tie has apples…then you suddenly freak out when you see the anthropomorphic apple from episode 1 appear as a picture in the background…! He even has a frame around him!
  • Mizuki’s bag has “Usa” and a rabbit on it, as we now expect from her. I wonder if her clip and her bag belong to the same brand?
  • You can see a yellow rabbit on one of the lockers once Subaru starts sketching Mizuki in the frilly dress. There’s also a green heart and a pink star. I think they might be magnets…
  • Collette’s hard at work with a (real) Dove-san this time, it seems…while President’s not really hard at work at all. He’s just sleeping as per usual.
  • If you pay attention to the calendar, you’ll see it’s September. I remember September 5th in 2016 was a Monday (this year it’s a Thursday), meaning the calendar is accurate for the year the anime was made! Amazing!
  • It’s nice to see some Collette and President bonding on the roof. The blue-pink-yellow gradient of the sky looks really nice in that shot, I think, especially against the pink-tinged clouds.
  • I would’ve sworn since Mizuki got so worked up about it, she would submit a piece for the competition as well…however, she isn’t, so that’s a bit disappointing. By the way, is it creepy that the first-prize catgirl (?) is the same blonde as Collette…?
  • Speaking of “background”, I didn’t notice it until now, but whoever made the anime put in SFX of President’s breathing as he sleeps as Collette sits at her desk (just after the segment title). It’s quite immersive, really.

Master Imari

Observe the lavender, pink and yellow shades in the window. (Source: Konobi ep 7)
  • While Collette keeps thinking about what she wants to be in the future, there’s another nice set of clouds and sky gradient in the window, this one being more of a purple-pink-yellow. This particular shot’s got so little happening in the foreground, you can even notice birds flying past and a plane making a trail in the sky…
  • Collette is in first grade, class 4.
  • I think the framing of the shot where Collette approaches Maria is really nice, what with the sun making a large lens flare near the middle of the image.
  • That scene with the yellow ball appears to be a parody of a Slime from Dragon Quest. Akira Toriyama’s done some designs for Dragon Quest, if I recall correctly, so I hear about it more often than I really should. However, Maria’s advice seems pretty solid…even if she is a chuuni.
  • It seems this episode didn’t have much in terms of stuff in the background, but in exchange there were some very pretty skies and backgrounds.

Bonus: Art Begets Art

Writing crappy haikus takes me back to rewatching Samurai Flamenco, so let’s have us a haiku or two.

For Our First Joint Task…?:

Challenge accepted!

Subaru beats senpai with

help from Mizuki.

For Master Imari:

Collette struggles with

what to be in the future,

then she turns chuuni. 

Anyways, it seems the relationships in this show got a bunch more complicated. So, what do you think will happen now that Collette’s trying to induct herself into the chuuni world? Did you see anything going on in the background my eyes missed?

6 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 7: When Staring at Backgrounds, Make Sure Not to Get Lost in Them…

Add yours

  1. I don’t really think you got a dud here. I noticed way TOO much in the backgrounds this episode which almost distracted me from my theme. You also noticed a lot, so it wasn’t like you had nothing to say, ya know?

    Anyhow, this one, “In Mizuki’s fantasy, Subaru’s tie has apples…then you suddenly freak out when you see the anthropomorphic apple from episode 1 appear as a picture in the background…! He even has a frame around him!” was my favorite. The apples are just inescapable! Who would frame that abomination as well? Just so many things about this scene XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The idea of it being a “dud theme” was mostly how the second segment was mostly just interesting sunset gradients. But maybe I overemphasised it in an attempt to get more words…who knows.

      The fact Mizuki still remembers Apple-kun, as much of an abomination as he may be, is probably the best part of that implication, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I noticed all the framed apple art in Usami’s fantasy, very funny. Collette’s little magic trick was neat too.
    I like the Collette poem – going chuuni seems like a great career plan!

    Liked by 2 people

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