This Art Club Has a Problem Ep. 8: Let’s Nickname Everyone!

As soon as I saw this episode’s themes, I knew I had the chance to call Subaru “A Doofus in Love”.

Theme for this ep: Nicknames for the characters (see other takes on the episode and themes here)

I interpreted this theme as “give all the characters nicknames”, but let’s start with the status quo: the only standout nickname is “Cole-chan” for Collette, although some characters are on first name basis with each other (and Mizuki’s mother calls her “Mizu”, if I remember right). Interestingly, Imari calls Mizuki “Usa-chan” in this episode.

  • Mr Plaster Head’s name is Bob (as dubbed by Collette), so let’s call his “lil’ bro” Bob Junior. There! No one will ever get confused between the two if they have names like that…huh, whaddaya mean “everyone will get confused by that?”?!?!? (I’m kidding…)
  • Subaru will keep his nickname “A Doofus in Love”. He may be in love with his waifus, but he might also be unconsciously in love with Mizuki…?
  • Mizuki will be “Tsundere Rabbit”…for obvious reasons.
  • Collette will be “the Agent of Chaos’s (Chika Fujiwara’s) Predecessor”. She predates Chika’s anime version by at least 2 years and her manga version by about 3 years, but plays roughly the same role in the relationship (if not Imari).
  • The Club President will be “He with No Name”. Because face it, we don’t know his real name…
  • Imari will be “Chuuni Deluxe”. Why “Deluxe”? Because if Collette sees Imari as her shishou, then Collette should be “Chuuni (normal)” and then Imari should be one step above that.
  • Yumeko will be “Clueless-sensei”…again, because she’s a rather oblivious person.


  • There’s a picture of Koyama’s granddaughter on the table when Subaru gets the key…
  • How many Art Club members does it take to get a plaster head? Two, it seems.
  • Even Mizuki’s pen has a rabbit on it…
  • The circled kanji on the letter is just that – it’s one of the characters from a word for “envelope” (封筒, which is read fuutou), so only by taking that concept metaphorically can you get “secret” or “sealed” (the latter of which is apparently a legitmate translation of that kanji, if Wiktionary is to be believed).
  • Oh! I’m guessing the numbr of steps is 14! There are 14 sunflowers in Van Gogh’s work of the same name…right? *Googles* Well…there’s a series of Van Gogh sunflowers. How the heck am I meant to know how many sunflowers that is???…Update: Well, as it turns out, you count the number of paintings with sunflowers in them. In each of the paintings, there can be up to 16 sunflowers, but none of them have 14, so I was wrong. Sorry about that, people.

I got lazy again, as you might be able to guess from how the content dosn’t really reflect much of what happened in the episode itself…it’s just me getting creative with very little to go on with. So, if you’ve watched or are watching Konobi, what would you call the characters?




8 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem Ep. 8: Let’s Nickname Everyone!

Add yours

  1. Subaru – Awful Otaku
    Usami – I think yours is the best, “Tsundere Rabbit”
    Collette – Best Girl
    Club President – Sleepy Boi
    Imari – Again, yours is a pretty good winner.
    Yumeko – Same here, again.

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  2. It’s impressive that you knew anything at all about the sunflowers.

    A Doofus in Love seems like a pretty long nickname haha. I’d have guessed it was Usami, considering how she acts compared to Subaru. But the Doofus part does suit Subaru well!

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