This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 9: Thrown Into the Deep End

Normal life came back on Tuesday...but because I've been focussing on volunteering and stuff which hasn't been tested in conjunction with said "normal life", I was late to everything by at least five minutes! *sigh* Such is my life. This week's theme: "Estimate the character’s academic grades, using this episode as evidence" (episodic, see other... Continue Reading →

The Shield Hero’s Road to Emotional Development

After accidentally angering Scott (keyword being "accidentally"), I started having flashbacks to soured friendships from 5 years ago... Outside of the bird-racing, concept of the Four Cardinal Heroes and whatnot, Shield Hero is a somewhat ordinary isekai, which means its roots in "going on a big adventure as a rite to adulthood" should be there... Continue Reading →

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