This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 9: Thrown Into the Deep End

Normal life came back on Tuesday…but because I’ve been focussing on volunteering and stuff which hasn’t been tested in conjunction with said “normal life”, I was late to everything by at least five minutes!

*sigh* Such is my life.

This week’s theme: “Estimate the character’s academic grades, using this episode as evidence” (episodic, see other takes on this episode and themes here)

I was thinking of doing report cards like Jon Spencer’s “stat cards”, but then I realised since this is a comedy about an extracurricular club, we’re not going to get too much on their academic records/backgrounds. Therefore I decided to settle for ballpark figures using qualitative words instead, at the expense of using the word “probably” in this post a tonne.


  • Mizuki’s best class would probably be art. This episode showed she was decent at sport, so the rest of her subjects would probably be average as well.


  • Subaru seems to be the type to only do well where he can apply his passion for 2D girls, so that would be art and whatever else gets featured in his favourite anime (for instance, if there was an episode that featured characters studying for maths, he’d probably temporarily focus on maths). I know…because I was the same way.


  • President’s skipping probably means he has lousy grades all ’round, except where he can get through by sheer talent.
  • He seems like the type to suck at sport since that would wake him up from mental slumber and mess up his ‘do, but since he praised gym this episode, I’d like to wager he still has a positive opinion on gym even though he sucks. He is Our President, Lord and Saviour, after all…


  • Collette seems like the type to perform better in active subjects, like art and sport, which would probably be offset in more academic subjects like maths. The exception would be English or whatever her background is (because you have to remember she’s a foreigner).


  • Imari has been proven to be good at sports, so I’d say that’s her highest mark. Otherwise, it could be anyone’s guess what subjects she’s good at, but I’d like at least one of them to be good at science or something unconventional, so I’ll go out on a limb here and call her a social sciences kind of gal.



  • Tachibana-sensei was teaching English, so unless she was a substitute for that class, that would have been one of her better subjects back in the day.


  • Koyama-sensei sems like the type who participates in a bunch of stuff and yet still has time to socialise…ahh, the rarest breed of human.
  • It’s unknown what subject he teaches, but whatever it is, he’d probably be good at the subject he teaches (or at least he would’ve done enough to have a specialty in said subject, as that’s what teachers have to do).


  • Kaori probably does well in artsy subjects and does decently in sport, but is probably the type that needs to be tutored in at least one subject.


  • Ryoko probably does well in more bookish subjects and probably tutors Kaori. This may be stereotyping based on looks and her position as the “straight man” to Kaori though.

That one Levi unnamed student:

  • I honestly thought he was going to join the Art Club this episode after he got beaten by Subaru (again).
  • He probably has confidence in his art, but his specialty lies elsewhere. There’s not enough info to really gauge where his strengths lie, though…


  • Moeka’s too young to have typical academic classes, but if I were to extrapolate from all these times we’ve seen her with a sketchbook, I’d probably wager she’d continue with art well into the future due to the influence of Koyama-sensei and the Art Club.


  • “Moe-stroll” (Moe-sanpo) reminds me of “Cole-sanpo”.

Do you think I’m on the mark here with these figures, or is there evidence in other episodes (1 – 8, no spoilers for 10 – 12 please!) that that points to the contrary? (In particular, I don’t remember if there was anything specified about what Koyama-sensei taught and I don’t remember what club he transferred to off the top of my head…because of said “normal life” coming back, I suddenly don’t have time to check.) You know where to put those thoughts.

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  1. I almost took the same theme so I could make actual report cards, but then I decided to double-down on my love of Collette, especially since Yomu didn’t go that route. One of us had to.

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