This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 10: But President Doesn’t…(Keep Being You, Prez!)

After much dissing of Subaru, I think it’s finally time to give the club prez the love he deserves.

Theme for this ep: President’s motivation (see more themes and takes on this ep. here)

Normally I’d try to pick something while watching the episode so I’d have sufficient things to say, but an electrician decided to knock out my Wi-Fi during some of the time I was hoping to work on this post, so excuse the overly rushed nature of this post. (Well, more rushed than usual, at least…)

Sidebar from after writing the post: Despite what I say above (which was written before watching the episode), upon proofreading it seems less rushed than some of my other Konobi posts…which is odd, since this is probably the latest I’ve left a Konobi post before.

Pre-OP/Nostalgic Turqouise Blue

  • President seems to have been touched by Moeka, enough to give showing the picture of her some more effort than is usual from him (at least, to my standards of Usual President Motivation).
  • President is his usual sleepy self when it comes to assemblies, but I can’t help noticing how he bothered to wear proper uniform…even if it’s just to keep up appearances, it’s almost suggesting the Prez gives more effort to doing school things than he likes to admit. Notably, Subaru is wearing his proper uniform (when standing on the stage with Mizuki), as well…
  • All these characters wearing proper uniform when they don’t normally do so makes this feel like an alternate universe Konobi fanfiction, to be honest, but since Sayaka doesn’t know Mizuki yet (or is acting as such) plus Mizuki is missing her rabbit clip, I’d say this is actually set in the past. That’s my thoughts on the matter, anyway…(continued in Other Observations, dotpoint 1)
  • …oh, it was one year ago! Thanks for setting that straight, Mr. Eyecatch.

Usami Cram School

  • President is an honour student??? Wah??? Okay, I apologise for guessing he’d flunk everything (even gym)! *gets down on floor and bows profusely to Our Benevolent President*
  • …but I think I get why he’s so lazy (and thus has low levels of motivation all ’round) now. He’s so intelligent, he gets by through sheer bludging. It reminds me of my beloved En-chan, to be honest.
  • President does give one thing his all though, and that’s sleeping. Whether it be getting plush pillows with club funds or going without them like he does at one point this episode, he is a true adapter to whatever situation arises. That is the way of Our President.
  • He also sleeps deeply enough that Collette’s yelling won’t wake him up either. In an odd sort of way, that could be interpreted as respect for everyone else…including Subaru’s own need for sleep.
  • President’s motivation to not discover what was on his face…let’s not even comment on that…*laughs behind hand*
  • Well, either way, it’s good to see President gives some motivation to keeping his club members’ morale up. Specifically in this case, it’s by congratulating on a job well done (even if that wasn’t actually his work).

…unfortunately, President didn’t show up in Buster Kaori, so that’s all I’ve got on him. He does appear briefly in the next-episode preview, but his level of motivation and actions are similar to the final dotpoint above.

Other Observations

Nostalgic Turquoise Blue 

  • The rabbit calendar has a white silhouette of a rabbit’s ears on a green background, rather than the brown rabbit it normally has. That’s what tipped me off as to thinking most of the segment could be set in the past. (continued in final dotpoint of the Nostalgic Tuquoise Blue section)
  • I don’t think the show was particularly clear that it had jumped backwards in time after the OP…that is, until the final scene occurred to specify it had been a year since that first occurrence involving turquoise blue paint happened.

Usami Cram School

  • Notably, there are different terms which can be translated to cram school – there’s yobikou and juku. The term used in the title Usami Cram School is the latter and, through my years of studying Japanese, I’ve encountered juku a lot more often than yobikou…probably because juku‘s impact lasts longer during and after middle/high school.
  • “There were too many good anime shows this season.” – I completely get you, Subaru!
  • Wow…Tachibana-sensei really stepped up this episode when it came to her club attendees’ grades!
  • Usami’s “USA” shirt isn’t referring to the United States…at least, I don’t think so…
  • Subaru got the 91 and Collette got the 83 on the special maths exam Tachibana-sensei had, but Sensei’s hand is over Collette’s surname (if Collette ever had one written on the sheet, that is).

Buster Kaori

  • The final scene is translated on Crunchyroll with “And Imari-san was…”/”De ne. Imarin ga sa…” (Kaori) and “Imari-san?”/”Imarin?” (Mizuki). The use of the nickname “Imarin” suggests a nuance not even in the translation…*sigh* I get that Crunchyroll subbers really do need to be speedy to beat fansubbers, but they should really double-check their work sometimes.

Well, that’s it from me. Jenn’s praised the President in some of her posts, so just head to her blog (or Yomu’s, if you use the link above) if you want more of that.

So, did I miss anything? What sorts of comments do you have regarding President’s motivation, either in this Konobi episode or in a previous one?   

What do you think about this?

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