Morose Mononokean: The Least Expected Second Season

I was discussing with Karandi how Morose Mononokean needed another season…and then one fell into my lap. Well, at least I ain’t complainin’.

Why is the show so good?

I admit the show is kind of average in how it’s executed, to the point where I probably couldn’t tell you an episode by episode rundown beyond the point where it stops being episodic (because then I can just go “the Zenko episode” or something). However, after tolerating the show for a while, you come to appreciate Ashiya’s earnestness in regards to helping out youkai and Abeno’s willingness to tolerate Ashiya…

…Oh, and Fuzzy. Fuzzy is best youkai.

Why is the 2nd season unexpected?

Well…because I just admitted the show was average. It’s no Natsume’s Book of Friends or Mushishi, which both have quite the reputation in youkai-centric anime circles, so people won’t remember it that much. Plus looking at someanithing’s DVD/BD sales, it didn’t do particularly spectacularly in that region either.

More than anything, I think the second season is unexpected because many other shows have left us hanging with an inconclusive ending like Mononokean’s first season did, due to low popularity.

What do you think will happen in the 2nd season?

Well, like I said to Karandi, I specifically wanted a second season for this show because the storyline had only just gotten started on Ashiya’s special power, the one which he used against the capybara in the Underworld.

Sidebar: Everything prior to this sidebar was written prior to the second season airing, so now that we’re about halfway through the season, let’s talk about what happened in said second season.

Aside from what was said above, I did have a stack of expectations that I had – more of the usual suspects, potentially seeing the other arms in the separation of powers (based on pre-season materials) and zero ass-kicking. That last one’s kind of arguable, but it was probably the least fulfilled.

I didn’t actually expect to see Ashiya working on his ability to detect spirits like some kind of shonen hero, Abeno using his power against an Underworld bigwig…nor did I expect the Executive to be so scary Ashiya wanted to stay out of the Underworld entirely. However, I’m merely an anime-only watcher, so that’s why I had to delineate my expectations and have them confirmed/erased one way or another.

I’m glad we get to see things about Aoi and Ashiya’s dad, since that would be more than enough worth for the “price of admission”. Also things like the cultural festival being hinted at in the next-ep preview of episode 9 are fun as well, since the occasional instances of bishonen in fanservice outfits are a fine thing as well (but better specimens can be found elsewhere *thinks about Magic-kyun Renaissance*).

All in all, as much as Morose Mononokean can be average on some fronts, I’m glad it’s back. I really don’t remember it being so funny, but that might just be because the last time I set eyes on it before the second season began was finishing it in one huge binge over the 2016 – 2017 holiday period.

So, what’s the best thing about Morose Mononokean for you? Are you watching the second season? (I get the feeling it’s just me, Irina and Karandi who talk about it…)




3 thoughts on “Morose Mononokean: The Least Expected Second Season

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  1. I think season two of this really stepped up and I’ve been really enjoying it. It definitely isn’t in the realm of something like Natsume, but for something easy to watch and enjoy, this one is hitting the mark and I’ve been loving what they’ve done with the characters this season. Really looking forward to how it ends this season and kind of hoping there’s hope for a third season at this point.

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