This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 11: Robbing the Bank

The only thing nastier than Kyoto boys and deadlines people impose on you is the set of deadlines you set for yourself…(yes, I’m finishing the Konobi post only a few hours before it has to go out again).

This episode’s theme: Which character would be most suited to rob a bank, and why? (episodic, see other themes and takes on this episode here)

So…Uh, Who Would Be the Best Person to Rob a Bank?

Hypothetically, if one were to rob a bank…you’d need people to pull it off right. That’s how I’ve framed my way of thinking, anyway.


  • I think her anger would make her stand out or not cooperate, so while she has the book smarts to pull a robbery off, it would be hard for her to execute it.


  • Will only do it for the goods. (By “goods”, I mean anime goods.) Either that or he has to have inspiration from anime.
  • This episode showed he can pull off strategy if the chips are down, but he neds to cooperate wth others in order to balance out his tendencies to act in…er, strange ways.


  • Active and short, so able to crawl through vents and hide in places she can’t be seen (case in point…remember episode 1?). I think it was mentioned in one of the previous episodes she liked hide-and-seek, which is helpful.
  • Not to mention she’s basically unpredictable in regards to how she thinks, meaning any pursuing police or security people would have a hard time finding her.
  • Her ability to be straightforward when it counts…may be a good thing, but might also be a bad thing depending on how the scenario is at the time (as you can see at the start of this episode).
  • She’s the best candidate if we’re going for a single character to pull off an entire heist.


  • Has the smarts, but no motivation.
  • He’s the most likely candidate for giving up halfway through a robbery…not because he’s a stickler for the rules, but for a nap.


  • It’s unknown how smart she is, but she definitely has the athleticism to pull off a robbery.
  • Maybe she could even use those feminine charms of hers to distract anyone who gets in the way of the robbery…?

Other characters

  • Moeka’s ability to wander off might be helpful for evading the law and security…but then it might also just get her lost…
  • Levi The second year strikes again! Not to mention he stole that can the Art Club was going to use!…Hey wait, so he might be the best candidate for a robbery after all, considering he just did one…
  • If you were to make a team to commit a robbery, in the style of various heist movies (e.g. Now You See Me) and phantom thief anime, the best team would probably be Mizuki as strategist (or Mizuki and Subaru as co-strategists, since they did make a good team this episode) and Imari and/or Collette as the ones to pull it off. President can be their support, since he’s good at that sort of thing.

Other Observations

  • According to the ending animation, Tachibana-sensei will come into possession of the panda head that appears in the first 20 seconds of the episode…and yep, I was right.
  • For some reason, Subaru’s pigtailed waifu kind of looks like Tamako Kitashirakawa from Tamako Market…well, I’ve never actually seen that show before, but I’ve heard about it and seen images of her.
  • Our President…is a lecher for Tachibana-sensei!!! (NOOOOOOOO!!! President, were you always so twisted???)
  • When Collette shows up in her brown dress, she still has a mark on her head from earlier…or is it from Tachibana-sensei whacking her with a button? Either way, we’ll never really know.
  • “BOCARI SMEAT” cans (sic) and “Packy” (sic).
  • Who’s this girl they keep showing buying cans, anyway, and where does her disposable income come from???
  • President has his own…uh, girlfriend? Girl friend (that space is important)? Childhood friend? Either way, I think it’s time for an encore…*inhales* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! President, you impure being! *exhales*
  • Update: If you really want to know (and you have been warned, since this probably isn’t in the anime itself), Wikipedia-sensei says President has a childhood friend Nonoka, who calls him “Yo-chan”. Considering that’s the only character we’ve seen act like such, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that’s Nonoka, even if we don’t know her by name. 

…come to think of it, does anyone even get my joke from before the “Read More”?

Anyways, thinking of how Konobi characters would apply their skills to something like robbing a bank is…actually kinda fun. Did I skip out on anything important that could change my evaluation of those skills?

6 thoughts on “This Art Club Has a Problem! Ep. 11: Robbing the Bank

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  1. I wondered who that was giving Prez a drink, perhaps a love interest?
    As for robbing a bank, I’m thinking that teacher that managed to dispose of all those tin cans would be a good candidate, considering he managed to “rob” all of those cans without anyone noticing!


    1. Actually, you remind me that Wikipedia-sensei has something to say about that –! There’s a girl listed as “President’s childhood friend”, which makes President’s real name a whole Kyon-like scenario, if you get what I mean (although with “Yo-chan”, his name is probably “Yoichi”, “Yosuke” or “Yoichiro”…something like that.)

      That does sound like a good idea, if you think about it a certain way. I feel like Imari basically gave him the reason to cover it up though…which is kinda cheating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Went digging to see if anyone had licensed the manga, but while I did come across some Anime News Network reviews in the process, unfortunately the answer is “no”…so unless I go read the manga on Comic Walker (which I can’t, as of this comment) or something (who knows? Maybe Seven Seas could license it one day, even…), I guess we’ll never find out.

        Liked by 1 person

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