Ode to Anime Studios – Studio Deen

Yep, it’s time to praise another studio which often gets dissed by others (following Pierrot).

If you don’t understand what I mean from before the “Read More”, Studio Deen, once upon a time, got dissed a bunch because of what is termed “QUALITY”. If Reddit is anything to go by, big offenders are 2000s Deen – particularly Fate/Stay Night, Log Horizon’s 2nd season and Umineko/Higurashi…but hey, at least you can get laughs out of looking at this Tumblr.

…hey wait, we’re here to praise them though! Hold your Horseas.

Sidebar: Yes, I do say “hold your Horseas” in real life…well, even if it’s not by Deen, one of my first anime was Pokémon. What else do you expect of me?

Back to Deen though – they date back to White Day on 1975, having been an offshoot of Sunrise initially (TV Tropes n.d.), and are based in Musashino (Deen n.d.). They have shows from all over the spectrum, not just the “laughably bad horror” like Pupa and Higurashi – if their works list and ANN are anything to go by, they tend to get works that are labelled “fujoshi bait” (Hetalia, Super Lovers…the labels aren’t entirely indicative of whether they actually attract fujoshi, though) and Chinese works (Ken En Ken, Aguu), but don’t get a lot of offers for anything that isn’t an adaption which is why it probably gets the reputation it has – because if you want an adaption done cheaply, you get Deen. This also means they run the gamut in terms of style and whether they appear on the seasonal circuit or not, meaning you never know if a Deen anime is from Deen regardless of whether it’s on Netflix, Funimation or Crunchyroll. *eyes Neo Yokio awkwardly, because Neo Yokio is only partially from Deen*

2016’s winter season, with KonoSuba and my favourite Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is credited with getting people back on the Deen bandwagon…and to be truthful, that’s when I got on the bandwagon as well. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is nothing short of exquisite and, based on where the director Mamoru Hatakeyama/Shinichi Omata has gone afterwards, it’s basically lightning in a bottle mostly attributable to the strength of the source material. That said, the manga’s visuals are very much reliant on the pointed chins and idiosyncrasies of shoujo (which you actually do see at a very late stage of the second season…but it’s part of what made me a Deen convert!), so the anime’s adaption is laudable nonetheless.


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  1. Studio Deen has done some great stuff. I’ll admit that I don’t care for most of their work, but the ones I did like I thoroughly enjoyed.

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