Spring 2019 First Impressions: Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu (and What May Change Around Here)

For the first time in my time doing simulcasts, things have changed…

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What’s Going On?

My regional streaming service got bought out, meaning I can only guarantee We Never Learn, Kimetsu no Yaiba and One Punch Man 2 on there…and my only chance to watch a big chunk of the other shows (Shoumetsu Toshi, RobiHachi, Yu-No, Fairy Gone and Kono Oto Tomare) is on Funimation, which has an unpredictable schedule if anything ever appears on the free side at all.

In my past experience, Funi has the crappiest video player of all anime services when dealing with ads…however, I haven’t used the service in months (I used to use my regional streaming service for such things) and so need to retest Funi’s current state. I believe I can do that with Yu-No tomorrow, which will inform my decision.

I could bypass the issue of the video player by paying, since I’m pretty sure the ads are the things making it crappy. Since I’ve been considering forking out the money for a subscription in recent months (as an incentive to get more money and keep the cycle going), this would be an ideal time to spend it or even use the 30 day trial…if I weren’t going to Japan this month, that is. So if I ever start using the trial or paying (I don’t 100% guarantee I’ll use either because I’m a miser), expect that to happen in May, if not July when the new season starts. 

Sidebar: 1) I’m also wary of the lack of HTTPS on the Funimation site if I do pay…

2) There is also going to the high seas, but I told Plyasm I wouldn’t stoop so low if I’m willing to pay as a last resort.

Tl;dr my miserly ways mean, while I’m still a free Funi user: 1) there may be random 1 week delays to certain shows while I get used to the Funi schedule and 2) this may result in me rolling out some 1st episode impressions across a larger span of time. Please be patient if this occurs.

This won’t last forever – it might only last the duration of this season – but I wished the buyout announcement wouldn’t have come down to this and it has. (If it is for this season only, I’ve got more than enough free anime in my backlog to get back to anyway…)

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Saw this with the anime club – it was meant to start this weekend for me and I was hoping to pass on it, but I can’t refuse an offer for seeing an anime early.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is one of those shows I’ve come to characterise using the similarly-structured Acchi Kocchi. That is, it seems like it would be up my alley because it’s a comedy and it’s got a gal with social anxiety, and I relate, but…I don’t laugh at it that much. Unlike Acchi Kocchi, maybe it’s because I relate I don’t laugh.

…Actually, I was on the commute home, thinking about why I had such a low laugh rate for this show, and I have a better explanation. It’s because of the way the show is structured that you become aware the show is working for your laughs, which creates a kind of interpellation (and if I think about it too much, I start to feel sorry for the show).

Apparently, Hitoribocchi is based on a yonkoma, which I don’t have much experience with in regards to adaptions…so I can’t tell you if I like them or not, and that doesn’t help matters at all.

Anyways, this show comes with name puns – there’s Hitori Bocchi (alone), Yawara Kai (literally “soft”, but surprisingly when referring to people it means “affable”) and Sunao Nako (“honest child”…to me, the name means being blunt, but interpret it as you will). There’s probably more, but a low laugh rate means I won’t deal with this show any longer.



  • [nothing yet]


  • [nothing yet]


  • Hitoribocchi (watched 1 ep)

Feel free to answer as many or as little of these questions as you’d like:

  • What’s your experience with Funimation like, if it’s available for your region? I’d especially like to hear from those who pay for it and/or those who’ve used the trial.
  • What are your thoughts about the first episode of the show I gave impressions on in this post?
  • Are there any shows that I’ve missed out on for this season? (if you need a refresher, see anticipated shows list here)

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