Spring 2019 First Impressions: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice (and a Call for Questions!)

This post managed to drop just in time for me to realise we’re in need of some celebrations!

  • Hitoribocchi and Yu-no have been covered previously. This post has Fruits Basket, Demon Slayer, We Never Learn and Kono Oto Tomare. Next is Sarazanmai, Carole and Tuesday, Fairy Gone and Midnight Occult Servants. After I’m back, I’ll release Rendai Utena (yes, the Buddha anime…I caved to the pretty boys), OPM, BSD, Shoumetsu Toshi and RobiHachi.

More updates on this first impressions front:

1) I’ve had to use a VPN to bring you Rendai Utena. The last time I had to resort to a VPN was Sakamoto Desu Ga? and that wasn’t even on this site, which shows you exactly how rare it is for me to get locked out. This current competition between services which started last season has been giving me end-of-premiere-season paranoia, which is what drove me to lay down the warning in the Hitoribocchi post.

2) It turns out all the first eps from Funimation went free a week after their simulcast debut (and they were simply not guaranteed because they weren’t labelled “free” on their schedule, which is reckless of Funi). That doesn’t discount the fact subsequent eps might not appear though. Just consider the message from the Hitoribocchi post a warning for what happens if the worst comes to worst.

3) The anime club showed Sarazanmai and Carole and Tuesday, so I had to shuffle first impressions a bit. However, trip-related/non-anime things take priority before I leave and I’m currently behind, so my trip will put me behind even more (since I choose not to go on the internet when I’m overseas). This means you have to be patient with me once I’m back, since I will inevitably go into mental meltdown when catching up. 

Page jumps

Fruits Basket

I read the manga many eons ago in one of many libraries…I think it may have been when I was in my 1st year of blogging, so about 7 years ago. I’ve only seen 1 ep of the original anime at the anime club (dubbed…it was even airing on TV for a while) and even then, the only thing I remember about it was that I had to leave early that day, with panic at having to leave overriding what I’d seen.

That said, when I first read the manga, it held a “time killer” status for me. Now that I can actually relate to it better, it was a comfy throwback to the old days, but also a painful reminder of how lazy I am – because if you think like Uotani, seeing Tohru all fired up makes you want to work hard too! (To quote my notes, the power of Fruits Basket is that “[i]t resonates strongly with those who are lost in life”.) It’s a keeper!

Other notes:

  • The Prince Yuki fanclub will inevitably remind people of Mean Girls, but as it turns out, the former existed first (and predates the latter by 5 or 6 years if you go by when they started).
  • If I had to criticise this for anything, it would be the transformation clouds look too real and it’s quite obvious the fan was CGI…wait, that’s two things…



Kimetsu no Yaiba

Exactly as I remember it, which like the other adaptions I’ve seen the manga of this season, is not a bad thing. They ended up improving on showing how Nezuko grows in size (which couldn’t really be shown in manga, to be honest with you) and gave me evidence that Giyu Tomioka (for some reason, I like referring to him by full name) is a ninja…he does kind of seem like Sasuke, doesn’t he? All angsty and stuff.

Other notes:

  • Takeo is a woodcutter, LOL. (Take is presumably “bamboo” in this case, but I don’t really know if there’s a thing – website or otherwise – I can check for Tanjiro’s siblings.) Similarly, Tanjiro’s first kanji is the one for “coal” – I learnt that from a Shonen Jump blog post.



We Never Learn

Aside from the boob jokes (there’s a boob grope in the next-ep preview and the eyecatch is about how the trio’s class designations don’t correspond to boob size), which I don’t like, and the face game, which is slightly above average…this is exactly as vanilla as I remember the manga being. It’s a beat-for-beat adaption for what I’ve seen of the manga (only about 3 chapters), by the way. 

Other notes:

  • I think the main message of We Never Learn is that your future can always be changed.
  • The disembodied mouths in the ED creep me out…*trembles*



Kono Oto Tomare!

Surprisingly, this show came out funnier than expected and more heart-warming than I expected. However, I did pick up on slight visual slip-ups, so it’s bound to start slipping into off model territory sooner or later.

I’m also wondering why the culprits confessed so easily. It’s suggested that Kurata made them confess, but wasn’t he part of Chika’s beating-up anyway?

Other notes:

  • This show’s main problem is that it doesn’t really introduce the koto when it’s about a koto club. Anyone unfamiliar with the instrument would have to infer what it is and how it’s played.
  • Who’s “Nadeshiko” anyway…? Takezo keeps being shown whenever “Nadeshiko” is mentioned.



  • Fruits Basket (watched 1 ep)
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba (watched 1 ep)
  • Kono Oto Tomare! (watched 1 ep)
  • We Never Learn (watched 1 ep, could still be dropped or paused depending on future eps)


  • [nothing yet]


  • Hitoribocchi (watched 1 ep)
  • Yu-No (watched 1 ep)

Call For Questions!

I’m currently on 196 followers (as of writing this post) and missed the chance to do a Q and A for 100…the title of this section should tell you what that means. Ask them here or send them to me via Twitter (see tweet below)…once I’m actually at the milestone, that’ll be what I’ll be working on.

Feel free to answer as many or as little of these questions as you’d like, aside from the questions you want to ask for the Q and A:

  • What’s your experience with Funimation like, if it’s available for your region? I’d especially like to hear from those who pay for it and/or those who’ve used the trial.
  • What are your thoughts about the first episodes of the shows I gave impressions on in this post?
  • Are there any shows that I’ve missed out on for this season? (if you need a refresher, see anticipated shows list here)

8 thoughts on “Spring 2019 First Impressions: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice (and a Call for Questions!)

Add yours

  1. I was a paid Funimation subscriber for about a year, along with Crunchyroll, primarily because they had shows that CR didn’t. As I recall, the user interface was different from CR, but of similar quality. When CR and Funi divided the world between them, sub/dub, I let my subscription run out because I am a big sub fan. _Then_ when they stopped cooperating I looked at their coverage, and it wasn’t as good as CR/VRV, so I stayed away. This season, there’s only five shows that (a) look interesting and (b) aren’t on CR/VRV.


    1. Correction. I said “not as good”. What I meant was, didn’t have as many dubbed shows that I was interested in.


  2. Amazing post formatting as always.
    I’ll save the congrats for the actual 200 followers post.

    I’ll ask my usual, because I like giving the opportunity to highlight potentially missed content: What’s a post that you are proud of that didn’t get a lot of attention?

    Liked by 1 person

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