Spring 2019 First Ep. Impressions: Urban Fantasy Overdose (with a Hint of Sci-fi)

It seems like this season is full of some good stuff...to me, at least, and only for as far as I've looked into this season's shows. Hitoribocchi, Yu-no, Fruits Basket, Demon Slayer, We Never Learn and Kono Oto Tomare have been done. This is for Sarazanmai, Carole and Tuesday, Fairy Gone and Midnight Occult Civil Servants. After I'm back, I'll... Continue Reading →

Colour Theory, Round 2: DanMachi

For those who didn’t see it, round 1 involves Madoka Magica. It was so well-received I took the concept for a spin again… DanMachi’s use of colour isn’t as striking as, say, Concrete Revolutio or Prince of Stride (which have their identities formed partially out of their striking use of colour) but it’s still interesting... Continue Reading →

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