Colour Theory, Round 2: DanMachi

For those who didn’t see it, round 1 involves Madoka Magica. It was so well-received I took the concept for a spin again…

DanMachi’s use of colour isn’t as striking as, say, Concrete Revolutio or Prince of Stride (which have their identities formed partially out of their striking use of colour) but it’s still interesting to put a lens to what colours are assigned to characters and what that means.

To start with, let’s look at the white of Hestia’s usual dress. White has had heavenly connotations since time immemorial and the blue of her ribbons was traditionally the colour of femininity since it represented the Virgin Mary. (It has to be a dark or royal shade of blue though, because light blue holds extremely different connotations.) As a goddess that came down to the mortal realm, these colours are perfect for her.

Bell’s white initial outfit represents his innocence. His red eyes stand for heroism, if taken from a sentai team perspective, and red is one of the colours associated with fire (further associations are made along these lines through the use of his beginner skill Firebolt). Since eyes are the window to a character’s soul, the colour of his eyes foreshadows his inherent ability to become a hero due to Realis Phrase and the chance for him to become a fitting protagonist for the story.

Liliruca’s browns, beiges and large backpack work to blend her into the background compared to the other two in the Hestia Familia. However, she is also associated with pink, a more modern colour for femininity. Even though she’s associated with the task of heavy lifting (a traditionally masculine trait), the pink points to her femininity despite that and contrasts Hestia at the same time.

Outside of the Hestia Familia, there’s Eina. The protector Eina provides Bell is interestingly green like her eyes, which provides some contrast to Bell’s red. Green is a colour of renewal in the spring, and Bell does indeed renew himself under Eina’s advice.

Let’s finish this analysis with Aiz. Her golden hair is often associated with heroines that require saving, so Aiz’s blonde hair is a nice reversal to that as she becomes a teacher to Bell at one point as well as being a “gold standard” in heroics he aspires to. Gold has associations with sunshine and purity too, which could again be easily read from Bell’s perspective. Furthermore, much like Hestia, she incorporates blue into her outfit but this time, the blue elements are mostly armour. Thus, these particular associations she’s taking out of practicality – it could suggest how unattainable she is, and when Bell starts wearing similar armour (albeit his lacks the blue to distinguish himself from Aiz and Hestia, who he’s has to rely on to get that far), it shows how he’s becoming more like his idol/love interest in power levels.

So, that’s it for now. These colour theory things are fun to write but require a lot of close observation, so should I make them a regular thing or is it better to not run the concept into the ground?

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    1. Glad to hear it.

      I don’t know how popular colour theory posts really are (because they’re a specific kind of content that can get reptitive over time), but of course if you want more of this kind of content, you can always make your voice heard about it.

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