While I’m Away…

…enjoy all the content I’ve got lined up for you guys.

If you’re reading this, that means I’ll set off on my trip to Japan…tomorrow.

While I get dragged around by a tour guide who knows Japanese and Chinese (I don’t know whether it’s simplified or traditional Chinese, but I guess the only person who cares about that is me), I’ll be occupying your time with either 1) content from the folder of complete posts…i.e. posts that have been written in case of a blogging emergency, but haven’t escaped the folder I store them in since I finished them or 2) completely new content.

(Of course, this means if I accidentally put any posts up using the Gutenberg editor, they’ll appear at 10 pm the previous day instead, but…I guess that’s only detectable when it causes a problem with the scheduling, since my usual time for posts is always the same time in my timezone anyways. But enough ranting about that.)

This means the content is generally for stuff I saw prior to winter 2019, it may talk about dated events and it may appear more half-baked than I’d like it to be – critique it all you like, because that’s going to make the baseline for emergency posts better. Not that you can’t give constructive criticism on my usual posts either, but I think it’ll be easier to give it when you know I’m away from my keyboard.

Just as a sneak peek, the topics include (in delibrately incorrect order, so it’ll be a surprise as to what you’ll get from the queue):

  • how old should “old anime” be (or is it all just in vain)?
  • King’s Game
  • why I rewatch anime
  • awkward moments you might have as an anime fan
  • why I read manga
  • reboots
  • …and then the usual scheduled content on the Monday and Saturday of that week.

One last thing: while I’m away, be sure to get your questions in for the 200 follower Q and A which is coming up soon! If you prefer WordPress, ask your questions using this post or use the Tweet embedded in that post to ask via Twitter.

Otherwise…yeah, I guess I can’t say much until I’m back. I’ll probably have some nice travel pics when I do…but I typically go overseas to live the experience and not blog it, so I think most of this I’ll keep to myself and those who go with me. Look forward to the next post in 24 hours’ time.


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