Demon Slayer Corps (Collab): Kimetsu no Yaiba 1 – Tragedy Strikes

It’s time for another collab, this time with Plyasm and Moya alongside Astral and myself. We’re currently 2 eps behind – people are probably going to blame me and my trip, but Astral got himself into yet another pickle. To be honest with you though, I did have the ability to watch ep 3 during said trip, but at 2 am (i.e. I ended up sleeping through it).

Despite all this, we’ll have ourselves up to speed on this in no time though, right…Right…?

The Moyatorium

Surprise! It’s a first impression discussion post near the end of April! But it was a fun discussion, so I hope you enjoy reading it to some extent. I like to babble sometimes, but there shall be no babbling because the following post is quite long. Like, twice as long as any post I’ve ever published!

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

Ufotable did a good job, but…the CGI was a bit obvious in spots.

Very very nice introduction to everything we can expect from Kimetsu no Yaiba. Most of the things we get are snippets of what to expect, but they are more than enough to get a good overview. There’s the intense action sequence, the great OST, the generally smooth animations with sprinkles of 3DCGI that in this particular episode…

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Ode to Anime Studios – Zero-G

To be honest, I still have no idea why all these studios are based near Suginami… To continue with the weird but true fact that the base of anime operations in Japan is Suginami, here’s another studio from there. Kabushikigaisha Zero-G hasn’t existed for long – in fact, it’s only been around since June of... Continue Reading →

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