Demon Slayer Corps Collab Ep. 3: Unstoppable Tanjiro Meets an Immovable Boulder

We’re catching up…as fast as 4 people on one collab can go, at least. Ply thinks I’m going too fast, in fact, but I guess what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes.

Colour coding of the text:

  • “Red violet”: Le me (Aria/MagicConan14)
  • Maroon: Moya [link to blog]
  • Blue: The ever-late-to-the-collab AstralGemini [link to blog]
  • Green: The ringleader Plyasm [link to blog]
  • Black: Future Aria (i.e. from just before this post was published)

  1. What are your general thoughts on this episode?[Mandatory]

Woot! We finally got somewhere after all this training business!

More training. Except, in Kimetsu no Yaiba, they make it interesting instead of a bore. We see actual progress being made. Actual change in the character throughout, differences in his strength, his understanding, his conviction. It’s no longer just a timeskip, which is kinda a different take.

Well, training is training. I’m not too hyped about it, but there’s nothing to detest.

Well… A training arc compacted into a single episode, basically. It felt a little rushed, but at least we’ll be getting into the main story sooner, right? I still want to know what’s up with Nezuko, though…


  • I expected more disgruntled comments about the training arc but I guess everything looks nicer when it’s ufotable???
  • Grrr…training arc. (Is this what you want?)

2. Did the episode fit your expectations, and in which ways did it differ from it?(If it does) [Mandatory]

Welp, it happened. I finally got into new territory (as in, I didn’t know what happened from the start of this episode onwards). So…I don’t know why, but the episode seemed more comedic than usual. Also, I swore Tanjiro was going to break the rock with his head. I mean, we’ve been shown how tough of a skull he has…

Really good. The way Makomo and Sabito were presented brings back memories, and the training arcs too, even if my memories of that are quite blurry at this point, due to how far ahead I am. They did make the training arc more interesting than it should be though, typical of ufotable.

The gist of the arc fit my expectations pretty well, but I was a little surprised that that was how the rock broke. Witchcraft…

We got a solid chunk of that gorgeous, incredible battle animation by ufotable. Very very good. Other than that, yeah, it was pretty much within my expectations.


  • Is it really ufotable you should thank for the interesting training arc? If the Ode to Anime Studios has taught me anything, it’s that a studio isn’t always the result of praiseworthy work – sometimes it’s the director, sometimes it’s the source material. (I say this because considering how well the anime is adapting what I saw of the manga, I’d probably say the manga’s strengths are being magnified by the studio and the director.)  
  • Interesting point. We anibloggers often use “studio” and “director” interchangeably (I’m guilty myself), when different directors from the same studio craft very different scenes. A director is affiliated with their studio though, so I wouldn’t say it’s wrong to praise ufotable for magnifying the source material either!
  • Studios like ufotable can essentially be used in place of “so and so director” or “so and so animator”, including studios like Kyoani. Why? Because they have in-house studios. Therefore, the staff they use are usually the same for every anime (see: Kyoani and their same face characters or P.A works and their same face characters), and it’s way too tiring to go look up individual staff members anyways each time you want to praise them, unless it’s a particular person that always does the same work right, then you might want to find out more about them. Such as our lord and saviour Sawano Hiroyuki, might I interest you in his soundtracks?
  • (No.)
  • It’s okay, we don’t need a Sawano Hiroyuki when we have a Kajiura Yuki~ The OST rocks.

3. What do you expect to happen from here on out?(and why) [Mandatory]

Welp, sorry to state the obvious…but Final Selection. Plus Tanjiro will definitely win and be reunited with Nezuko, because that’s what the ED is saying. (But I don’t expect there to be spider lilies, nosirree.)

More good stuff, and we are going on the Final Selection test! Whoo! Can you imagine it, our boy Tanjirou has already come this far?

Whatever “Final Selection” means, we’re probably going to see new characters who are on a similar level as Tanjiro. So far we only have senpais and mentors.

It’s been, what was it again? A 2-year time jump now? BRING BACK NEZUKO!!


  • Final Selection means the selection of people to become the demon slayer corps, duh.
  • True, why did I ever wonder.
  • (LOL.)

4. Which scene got the most reaction out of you? (If any at all)

The scene where Tanjiro cuts Sabito’s mask and Sabito smiles, then disappears to reveal Tanjiro has cut the boulder. I let go of a breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

Has to be the appearance of Makomo and Sabito. When they first appeared before Tanjirou, the surrealness was done very well. And of course, there are other reasons for me having the most reaction, which I won’t say since it’s spoilers.

This is a tough one… I don’t know that mine’s much different from what anyone’s already said so far. So, pass.


  • (What do you mean by “most reaction”, Ply?)
  • Hype, feels, awe…that stuff? This one I may have to pass on this time.
  • Hype, feels, awe, shock, extremely funny, etc, anything that made you not just watch on without so much as a thought really.

5. Which character did you like the most this episode? Have they done anything in particular/changed?

I don’t think I particularly wrap my head around Makomo and Urokodaki is just a sadist, so I’ll say Sabito. It is always good to have a guy with an aura of mystery around.

Makomo! Such a good girl. But of course, there are so many good girls in this show. She’s the star of this episode though. But still, Nezuko almost stole that spotlight away from her with the next episode preview cute noises. Can we have a Nezuko plushie already?

Yeah, Makomo was super cute, and an interesting character from what we saw of her. I just wish we could get to see more of her and Sabito, because they were seriously pretty awesome. What’s with everyone wearing masks, though…?


  • There’s a Nezuko figure. That close enough for you, Ply?
  • **Insert shut up and take my money meme here**
  • Because I can’t resist snarking, here you go, Astral…


  • Everyone wears masks because it’s Kimetsu no Yaiba!!!!! But also, I want that figurine, but I’m broke, and I want a plushie instead of a figurine anyways, way better representation of Nezuko.
  • (Note: As of this post, I am not affiliated with any store selling anime merch or whatever else. Maybe someday in the future, though.)

6. What’s the high point of the episode for you and why? [Mandatory]

(Basically, it’s my answer to question 4 again…)

Makomo vs Tanjirou, pt. 2. Whew, the camera direction and pacing was done so well. The reveal of Tanjirou’s now long hair was great too, plus his look really changed from before. Much more firm, resolute. And of course, there’s the fact that I was holding my breath even though I knew what was going to happen.

I thought the whole breathing training was interesting. Utilizing basic techniques to great effect is always more interesting than sheer battle training. Kinda like chakra training arcs in Naruto.

I love the way the show uses camera angles to make everything so much more intense (of course, a ufotable staple.) It really adds an element of three-dimensionality that makes every scene pop.


  • Ah, yes the breathing thing. I like how it’s kinda semi-rooted in real life facts, such as how certain sports require you to train your lung capacity.

7. What can be improved in this episode and why? (a.k.a low point) [Mandatory]

That one explanation of the Demon Slayer Corps. It was very much stating what we’d already been shown with Weird Head Demon and Nezuko.

Not enough Nezuko this episode :<

Sabito’s repetitive “If you’re a man!” rant triggers my inner SJW. Excuse you, what about Makomo? And my complaint for Episode 1 about excessive narration is still valid. If an event is depicted on screen, what’s the point of describing it again?

One of my least favorite tropes is timeskips… I mean, this episode blasted through, what, 2 years or so? With no explanation as to what’s going on with Nezuko. Not to mention after the first year, he’s basically learned nothing at all…


  • If I can say a second thing, it would be the comedy. Comedy doesn’t seem to be this series’s strong suit…probably because the series doesn’t use it too often (and Weird Head Demon’s fight was only funny because it was unintentionally too serious on that guy’s part).
  • I didn’t notice much when it comes to comedy, but yeah, Weird Head Demon is so far the funniest part.
  • Explanation for Nezuko: She’s still asleep. Explanation for Tanjirou not learning anything: What do you want, sensei literally said he had nothing else to learn, rest was for Tanjirou to absorb himself. All Sabito and Makomo did was to help him absorb it better. ANNNNNNNNNNNNND, there is a reason why Sabito was like that, but obviously I’m not going to say why.
  • There’s no explanation so far for why Nezuko’s still asleep, but we’ll see soon, probably.

8. Pick a situation from this episode. If you were put in this situation, how would you have handled it?

Honestly, with how lazy I am, if I were to have to train like Tanjirou did AND then have been told to cut a giant ass boulder with what skills I have, I would just quit right there. It would kill most of my motivation.

Sabito is a jerk. Because I’d be more triggered than Tanjirou, I would train twice as hard as him to make Sabito pay for taunting me!

I have to agree. Sabito did a fantastic job taunting Tanjirou, and I think that had a great part to play in his eventual success. After all, what better motivator is there than proving someone wrong?

9. Most beautiful scene?(screenshot) [Mandatory]

( )

Just look at it – the way the sun shines on everything, the way Sabito is crouched, the angle…it’s gorgeous in only a way Ufotable and studios of its ilk can pull off.

( )

The aesthetics in both this scene as well as the one where they showed off a person’s body when they use the breathing technique was awe-inspiring. I love it.

( )

Sleeping Beauty Nezuko.

( )

I loved this scene a lot. The framing is just so cool, with the focus on her strange eyes, illuminated by the moonlight streaming through the trees. Fantastic.


  • Love your choice, Aria! I tend to choose my favourite images based on my attachment to characters, settings, or specific quotes. I often overlook remarkable angles like this!
  • “Strange eyes”
  • Everyone’s eyes are strange in this show. Reminds me of Katanagatari’s art style in some ways.
  • Ah, that reminds me I still need to watch Katanagatari...assuming I ever find it somewhere (ideally legally)…

10. In 10 words, summarise what you want to say about this episode. (A good joke question?) [Could also be a haiku or other things of that creative nature, Mandatory]

It’s nothing but training montages, but it does end well.

Everything is gonna be 進め、進め、進め!!!!!

Doesn’t impress me yet, but maybe in the next episode.

Is just one episode considered a… TRAAAAAAINING AAAAAAAARC?


  • …Yes, I did a 10 word sentence for once. Also, to translate what Ply is saying, 進め (susume) is a form of the word meaning “to advance” or “to hasten”, so an appropriate translation (of what I think he’s saying) will be “Everything is gonna be go, go, go!!!!!”, or in less words, “full speed ahead!”.
  • I was trying to reference the famous Everything is going to be daijoubou (sic) joke, plus susume is the main theme of this series. It’s even in the opening song. But yes, what Aria said is also right.
  • Because it’s going to my blog this time, Ply, I don’t expect them to get it.
  • Oh no, I didn’t get it!
  • (Didn’t I already tell you I’m not an FGO fan, Ply? I don’t know these things…)

Everyone but Astral’s had a turn so far, so I expect him to post the next episode’s worth of words and pictures.

So, how are you liking the collab so far? Is it too many memes and too much snark?




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