Must-read Monthly Monday (May 2019 ed.)

That’s a lot of Ms in the title…

If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 22nd of April 2019 to the 20th of May 2019.

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

  • RobiHachi Premiere – Episode 1 from Space Whales (…yes, that’s their name) – This person seems to be writing to the void and their writing’s decent enough that I’m left scratching my head as to why that happened. (But apparently RobiHachi has a turn in episode 5 that makes me wanna catch up with it…it’s too bad the lineup I’ve already got is pretty solid, so I can’t go back to it just yet.)
  • Fruits Basket Episode 2: Nobody Wants to Be Lonely by TWWK from Beneath the Tangles – I’ve known about Beneath the Tangles for a while and they do have some competent writers, but there comes a time in many of their posts that I start to zone out since I don’t connect with their mission. However, when their topics are broad enough that they focus on the human experience as a whole, that’s when they really shine and this is just one example of it.
  • Failure Isn’t Bad (Zombieland Saga) by Yuki the Snowman – A motivational piece that’s as fun-spirited and full of black comedy as the series itself.
  • Zombieland Saga Review: Undead Idols Shine Brighter by Animated Andy – …and on the topic of Zombieland Saga, we have ourselves another post on it. It’s a lot more analytical and stereotypically “review-like”, but I have to concur with the fact the rap battle was absent from the Crunchyroll Awards!
  • 5 Common Tsundere Archetypes by Yomu – It always amuses me to see what strange post topics people come up with next in order to stand out, like Lumi’s post about the different ways people hold hands in anime. However, that post got two shots at the limelight so the next best thing is from our self-proclaimed “Collette fan”.
  • Rising of the Shield Hero: In Defence of the Sword Hero by Kvasir369 – I think part of the reason I’m losing faith in Shield Hero in general is the fact I haven’t found anyone talking about it, now that it’s in its second cour (except Karandi, who does those posts for her patrons, and Arthifis, who was doing check-ins every so often and is on hiatus as I type this). That said, this only requires knowledge of events up until episode 10 and Kvasir isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t agree with some of Naofumi’s or others’ hypocritical-seming decisions within the plot.
  • 9 Things I Learnt From My First 6 Months of Anime Blogging by Matt (Matija) from tfwanime – I’ve seen this newer blogger around so I had to go and chase up some of their content. It seems their tastes in anime don’t align with mine, but these tips should be helpful, regardless of whether you’re a blogger that self-hosts or not.
  • The Power and Popularity of Manga Time Kirara by chikorita157 – You don’t see too many Manga Time Kirara series around these days, but their impact is immense. Basically, I include this because even though this is so far outside my sphere of understanding, after reading this post I kind of get why this stuff is popular.
  • Hanebado!: First Impressions – An Emotionally Evocative Favourite for the Season by Neko Neha (Biblionyan) – I was talking to Raistlin as this was airing about this show and so I feel obligation-bound to finish it…someday. Well, the best way to keep your motivation up is to kep reading about it and luckily (?) I had this post sitting in my folder that I use for these round-ups. 
  • Is Lizzy a Proper Lady? Part 1 – Analysis of Black Butler and the Gender Roles of the Victorian Era by Rai – Another blogger who I stumbled upon recently (I believe I first encountered them via researching for OWLS livestreams, if not before). Black Butler is one of those anime and manga I’ve gotten particularly deep into but not caught up with, so to see this being tackled was quite the treat! (Psst! There’s also a part 2!)
  • The Top 10 Detectives in Anime by aoishi11 (Hold Up, Let’s Talk!) – It is a rule of thumb that I don’t include top 10s in these round-ups, simply because in most cases they serve as a copout for content that can last a lot longer (and somtimes talking about them involves talking about what places where). However, this blog seems to specialise in simuldubs (of which I don’t have much experience with) so I had to side with what was left.
  • What You Actually Can Expect Based on Studio Names by Peri – The Ode to Anime Studios is making me rethink how much I’ve seen from certain studios – often due to the paywall problem, if not just being outright out of reach now that I no longer desire to “take to the high seas”. That said, that series of posts always keeps me on the lookout for studios I haven’t tackled yet (that’s a hint for all you people that might want me to tackle a specific studio I haven’t done so far), not to mention this post gave me a bit of a laugh too.
  • Falling In And Out Of Love (With Anime) by onee-san (Olivia) – This is someone I personally follow on AniList, so I was surprised to discover they have a WordPress as well. To be fair though, it’s always fun to see how people got to be the fans they are, since everyone has an origin story for getting here.
  • 1st Impressions: Spring 2019 Anime Season by Hue – I’m still scratching my head at why Blogger is such a lonely place in comparison to WordPress…maybe it’s the pingbacks, I dunno. Anyways, finally I found someone else who’s watched Rendai Utena (and of course a bucketload of other stuff) so I just had to share their thoughts with you all.
  • Rising of the Shield Hero Impressions: The Third Coming by the Anime Prince (Jester Monocle) – I’m including this last one not necessarily because I agree with it (for instance, I haven’t seen enough Durarara!! to know whether the way Izaya talks is enough to warrant the comment), but because it gave me a different set of thoughts to the impressions I saw closer to having watched the episode at the time of the simulcast. 

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Spellbook Offerings

Spring 2019 First Impressions

So the list ended up being Bungou Stray Dogs, One Punch Man, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fruits Basket, Shield Hero and Sarazanmai. It’s a lot of action and it’s going to gather over the weekend again (just like last season), but that’s why I restrict myself to 6 simulcasts…(then again, since Sarazanmai has 11 episodes, I might have space for RobiHachi as well. Certainly Fairy Gone and Kono Oto Tomare! ranked above RobiHachi, but there was an episode 5 twist that convinced me to get to it first.)

Kimetsu no Yaiba Collab (with Plyasm, AstralGemini and Moya)

Other Stuff (Including Stuff I Posted In My Absence)

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Coming up next…

  • …no real announcements, since this month was more hectic than usual and it’s that time of year when frustrations start showing through or little disappointments + sleep deprivation start taking their toll – not quite the middle of the year, but nowhere near the end.

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  1. Just for that comment I had to go and post Collette on twitter. It’s been difficult for me lately, struggling between Collette and Nagato Yuki…
    Thanks for the mention.
    I enjoyed all of the M’s in the title, very well done.

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