The Disparity Between What I Read, What I Watch and What I Play

This title of this post might seem familiar, but that’s because it’s inspired by Alexander Prange’s (Alexie the Great’s) post.

I realised a while back there’s quite the discrepancy between the anime and manga I have listed as AniList favourites – aside from the rare crossover, the manga has more of an emotional edge to it, while the anime is more action and suspense-oriented. However, Alexie looks at all the media he watches and reads, so I thought it would be interesting to do the same (including games).

What I Watch


Well, it’s the staple of this blog…

If you’ve been following this blog long enough, you’ll know a lot of what my tastes are – comedy, action, may or may not include bishonen and/or magical girls. However, I do try to give everything I want to try as much of a chance as possible, from extreme gore to extreme chill (i.e. SoL) and even, more recently, yaoi (although I have to work up the courage to do so). I won’t touch live-action adaptions with a 10 foot pole, though I was passing by when my mother was watching the live-action of Parasyte one time…

My bias for simulcasts mostly is towards a period close to the modern day simply because I’ve only been watching them for about 5 years…well, I will have hit 5 years once I get to fall of 2019.

The Other Stuff

It gets much more scattered outside anime, since I’m a lot more casual about it. In the movie department, it’s mostly action stuff and/or animation, the latter of which I think is a lingering habit from my mother taking care of people’s kids for much longer than she had to, as well as the more obvious connection to anime. Lately, it’s mostly superhero movies, since I hear about those from other people, although the best place to catch movies I hear about is, surprisingly, on long flights.

In regards to TV, outside the professed love of The Amazing Race, occasionally I’ll just sit in on whatever someone else is watching, which these days is Friends or The Big Bang Theory…if not the daily news. I can’t tell you the plot of a single distinct episode of either though, since I just turn my brain off to watch those shows.

What I Read


Again, it’s pretty public on here as to what I read and it’s pretty all over the place, but this time the kind of stories I like are biased towards romance. It’s probably because it’s hard to maintain an exact feeling of “fluffy romance” or “tearjerker” for 12 weeks straight, but a well-placed manga panel will cause me to break down into tears (well, it worked for Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden!). Plus animation works better for action and comedy, but it doesn’t really matter either way for a slice of life romance. Just to add fuel to the fire, the romance manga tend to be a lot shorter than their anime counterparts, simply because the anime need to pad for time…

The Other Stuff

As I’m sitting here and typing out this post, I have a stack of what is mostly novels to the left. Since I was into novels before I became aware of “anime and manga” as distinct concepts, the fact I’m not really into them anymore both perplexes me and also scares me a little, because if I were to suddenly not like anime and manga one day, I don’t really know where I’d go…(Hmm…come to think of it, if I still have that low-key aversion to romance novels, that’s probably where my love of romance manga and otome games comes from…)

That means my reading – at least, what it used to be – was diverse enough to traverse the entire gamut, with few exceptions. Most of the stack I referred to earlier is mostly action thrillers, sci-fi or stories about family, including a few subsequent volumes to some of the YA spy stuff that I read in earlier years (specifically Alex Rider and Young Bond, both of which I thought had ended until I saw these). I’ve added LNs into that since 2013 or so – the first LN I read is the first volume of Kagerou Daze.

What I Play

Outside Pokemon, I’m…not much of a gamer, to be honest. I play the occasional free-to-play visual novel/kinetic novel/otome game or gacha game and a few paid games as well (The Mirapolis Investigation was the start of my descent back into anime and manga, after all), and I’ve tried dabbling round with making these games (but can’t progress since I don’t have confidence in the visuals or I just don’t finish the games in the first place) but it’s a lot more restricted than the previous sections. The gacha games were mostly inspired by anime/manga or the games inspired the anime/manga – notably Merc Storia and Bungou Stray Dogs: Mayoi Inu Kaikitan (Tales of the Lost), but one notable exception would be Love Heaven (which had a Bungou Stray Dogs tie-in at one point) – although the visual novels, kinetic novels and otome games tend to be demos from the publisher’s page or complete games from Ren’py.

Sidebar: I was surprised to listen to the OWLS livestream for May and learn Lyn and Crimson didn’t know what gacha games were. Basically, gacha(pon) are these little capsules machines which contain collectible stuff. Gacha games use the same mechanism to give you characters and sometimes other things as well (like items you use to level up said characters). They’re quite addicting, hence why I say the things I do in the final paragraph of this post…

I can tell you my first Ren’py game was Halloween Otome, if that’s of any interest to you – I’m stuck on how to get a bunch of endings in Valentine’s Otome and have the demo for Christmas Otome downloaded already (but haven’t touched it, due to an accumulated “plan to play” backlog). I believe my first mobile otome game was the Suzaku version of the Mystic Butterfly series – I finished Suzaku’s and started Seiryu’s, but that’s all I can remember…

I quit gacha games for the third time (since Touken Ranbu is technically a gacha game) since the Kekkai Sensen and Beyond event arrived and made me invest hours into trying to get enough for a guaranteed 4 star character, and notably all the event characters were 4 stars. This dug into things that shouldn’t have been dug into and I ended up feeling guilty for the good part of a week at how driven I was for a purpose I shouldn’t have been investing so many hours into…

So that’s all from me. What’s the disparity between what you watch, read and/or play?



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