Demon Sayer Corps: Kimetsu no Yaiba 12 – Somnambulism, Motion Sickness, and Other Afflictions

In this (even later than usual, sorry) episode of the collab, stupid puns are made, stupid puns are revealed and…maybe, just maybe, there might be some praise for Zenitsu.

The Moyatorium

Happy July 24th! You ask me what’s happening on this day? Well…nothing in particular as far as I know, but I’m sure we can find a reason to celebrate on Foodimentary – oh guess what, it’s National Tequila Day! I refuse to drink any alcohol that isn’t sweetened, and this certainly doesn’t relate to the episode in any way, but congrats if you celebrate this holiday.

  • Purple = Aria (crazy bird lady)
  • Green = Plyasm (future-seeing manga reader)
  • Blue Astral (Nezuko’s other oniisan)
  • Red = Me (hard-to-impress shounen critic)

1. What are your general thoughts on this episode? [Mandatory]

Woot! More worldbuilding, more Kasugai crow (although he scared me for a second) and more butt-kicking.

Zenitsu redeeming himself unconsciously, demon politics, and Tanjiro’s self-to-self pep talk (which I surprisingly didn’t mind).

Man, the combat in this show is always just so good. Tanjiro being a good boi aside…

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Weekly Shonen Jump’s Girl Problem, Viewed Through The Lens of Dr. Stone

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