Demon Sayer Corps: Episode 15 – A Mountain of Spiders and Breath of the Beast

We’re catching up! (However, it seems Astral forgot to colour Ply’s and Moya’s responses to Q1…)

The Zodiac Room

Another week, another fantastic episode of Demon Slayer to review. Seriously, this show is really doing a great job in the Shounen battle department. Not only are the visuals just absolutely stunning, like, every single episode, but the pacing is pretty nice as well, or at least it’s fixed itself from the somewhat slow pacing of the last few episodes.

With all that said, I think we’re all enjoying this show, and the collab as a whole, so why don’t we get right into the episode, eh?

Me, as always.

Moyatori, queen of confections

Aria, professional shounen criticist

Plyasm, the lazy boi

What are your general thoughts on this episode?

It’s half-and-half, with the interactions with the spider demons being the better half by far. I don’t want to spend entire episodes of Zenitsu chasing Tanjiro and Nezuko around, to be honest. 

While Zenitsu is irritating as always, we…

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