Anime Watching Habits Over the Years

After replying to Jerem’s post, it made me think about the various factors that change a person’s anime watching habits…

I still love anime with as much passion as I did when I first started watching, but time changes a lot of things. First of all, while people grow up with anime, their “anime watching endurance” (so to speak) varies depending on what they’re going through and what they keep coming back to at the time. In that regard though, it seems like a common trend between anime watchers is to be able to bingewatch a lot of episodes just after they’ve discovered or rediscovered the medium using a long-running show, and then taper off a lot or even grow sick of anime. Of course, it doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s something I’ve noticed from observation.

In the same way, the more people deal with anime, the more they tend to see recurring patterns in the shows they like and don’t like. This is more a thing of gravitating towards what you’re comfortable with and what you enjoy, but the market only really goes with the tropes the audience enjoys and so people start to get disillusioned by seeing the same kinds of things appearing, whether those “things” are storylines, character types or even source materials. Currently, we seem to be in an isekai boom which is tapering off as new parodies and variations of it arise. Normally, if you don’t like a particular year of anime, you can just take a break from the hobby – no one’s stopping you in that department aside from yourself.

Advancements in technology have also affected the way we watch – after all, we wouldn’t be watching simulcasts if there were no internet and we didn’t have the speed of information flows to go with it. If you observe someone’s well-populated anime chart that places anime by year (like the Favoured Years chart on AniList), you might observe simulcasts only really started happening around 2011. This is interesting when you observe streaming was a bit rocky before then, because Crunchyroll as the service we know it today began in 2008

This topic’s really broad and so this post wasn’t really meant to go in-depth on anything – it was more me writing in the stream-of-consciousness style to have a jumping-off point for a bunch of potential posts. It’ll be interesting to hear if you can think of anything else that might change how and why people watch anime, though.


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  1. Well, one thing I know for sure is that in society, people who don’t watch anime always say anime is for dweebs, losers, and no life. They think we sit at home all day. They say if we stay home watch anime, it leaves us with no job. I don’t know if that’s necessarily true while the job force is getting harder these days, but anime changed people’s life in terms of life lessons. For example, Naruto series helped people to never give up.

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