Hyping Up Fall 2019

Yikes, where did the summer season go…?

I haven’t really been keeping track of where the summer season has gone, since it was slow at the beginning and now it’s at the pointy end for real life right now (and I keep misjudging what time I have left to do things since these days I do more writing than I needed to do a year ago, which causes my stress to appear, then snowball).

…Anyways, that’s not what we’re here for.

Y’know the drill: hype goes from best to worst. In this case, it applies to all the lists.

For this post, bold is Crunchyroll, underlined is Funimation (or its regional sublicensor in my area), strikethrough is anything else (i.e. the inaccessible stuff for me – outside maybe the first episode from my anime club – but not necessarily for you – in short, Amazon, HiDive and Netflix). The details should be right as of writing this post – I’ll try to update it before it goes out (since it’s scheduled), but don’t expect it to be up-to-date all the time.

The Main List


  • Dr Stone (Funi simuldub only): More science with Senku and friends is always good. We’re approaching one of those shonen staples; namely the ~Tournament Arc~, so…let’s hope Senku and co. can cure Ruri. (Vol. 4 is the setup for this tournament arc and I’ve only read to the end of that – I’ve seen vols. 5 and 6 about through the library system I used to read them so far, but not in sequential order…)
  • Fire Force (Funi simuldub only): Gotta catch up, but I hear something about a “Lucky Lecher Lure” in subsequent episodes…which I don’t like the sound of…


  • BnHA 4: It’s Boku no Hero Academia, whaddaya expect?
  • No Guns Life: It sounds right up my alley and the manga’s just getting started when it comes to Viz Media. (Why do I get the feeling it’s going to be taken by Netflix or Amazon, though…?)
  • Shin Chuuka Ichiban: You might not know this, but the original Chuuka Ichiban has a Cantonese dub. I watched it via said dub years ago, so I kinda remember what’s going on but only if you talk to me in terms of the Cantonese version.
  • Pet: This actually sounds pretty good and Samurai Flamenco – also a pet (excuse the pun) project of Takahiro Omori’s – was my life for a while when I was on Tumblr. Too bad Amazon’s got it.
  • Stand My Heroes: 1) It’s got a unique premise of a woman in a narcotics team – although the main draw for this is arguably the hot guys, I think the premise is enough to make it a candidate for the list regardless. 2) It’s got Ume-chan.
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm: There seem to be a few fantasy series based around books now – notably Magus of the Library, which I noticed at my local manga-stocking store recently, and Mahoutsukai no Insatsujo (The Witch’s Printing Office). This is the standout title of those though and also one of a few female-led isekai in a while, so I hope it’s actually good! (I’ve heard buzz about how it doesn’t look that good, but I’ve chosen not to look at the PVs in case they’re going to affect my opinion going into the show.)
  • Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average in the Next Life?!: Another female-led isekai. I did read there’s a loli-centric angle to the anime not present in the manga or light novels, though, so despite its high ranking here, it might not even make the final list…
  • Babylon: You’re going to give me Kado flashbacks by throwing a new attempt by Mado Nozaki, are you…? I’ve crossed this one out because Twin Engine is on production, meaning it’s likely headed to Amazon.
  • Blade of the Immortal (2019): It sounds good, but then again…Amazon.
  • Africa no Salaryman: Originally there was a short series of this on Anime Beans (not a service I use) – knowing that, I don’t know if this is going to be completely new/a continuation or just a rehash of the existing episodes.
  • Beastars: Basically, all I’ve heard of the source material is that it might be good and that it’s basically anime Zootopia. The worst part isn’t that the studio Orange is adapting it – it’s that it’s going to be part of Netflix hell.
  • Kabukicho Sherlock: I don’t pass up an opportunity to watch a new mystery anime. This one seems more serious and less likely to stuff up than Tokunana, but I don’t paricularly like the portrayal of the “Mrs Hudson” character.
  • Actors: I’ve known about Actors for a while...ever since I heard Toshiki Masuda was associated with one of the characters, in fact, which I think may have been 2015-ish. It may be a while until Masuda’s character appears, but I’ll give it a shot.
  • Tokunana: More crime drama for me.
  • Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru (The Hero is Overpowered Yet Overly Cautious): Once upon a time in 2019, this was me: “This is an isekai…*le sigh* This has a stupid name…*le sigh again* The guy is hot though, so I’ll put it on my PTW for fall…*waits a bit* …Wait, did you say Ume-chan was the protagonist Seiya?! I’ll at least check this series out…if I can!!!” The end.

Sidebar: I had to google what “TUEEE” meant when I first encountered this title, but it’s just a slang version of “overpowered” (based on the Japanese word for “strong”, tsuyoi). So, imagine a childish gamer trying to scream that they’re OP, and “TUEEE!” is the result…geddit?

  • Ahiru no Sora: If you’ve paid attention as to what shows up on these lists, you’ll know I need some other incentive to watch a sports show. That incentive is, in this case, Ume-chan…Ahiru no Sora was how I discovered Ume-chan was making his comeback this season, to be honest with you though.
  • Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy: There’s quite the story behind this one for me, so I have an explanation for it in another post (as of this post going out, the post is upcoming, but when it comes out, you’ll be able to follow the links).
  • Assassin’s Pride: For some reason, I keep mistaking this for Assassin’s Creed, which I seem to recall was popular maybe 5 – 10 years ago…? (I associate Assassin’s Creed with slightly-negative-but-mostly-neutral connotations, since it got quite a bit of advertising, word-of-mouth and negative press in my circles…although probably not as much as, say, Overwatch – which I think of more fondly due to the memes – or Call of Duty.) Then again, this only just made the list because the guy on the cover art is kinda hot…

Sequels I May or May Not Get Around To…if I Catch Up First

  • Psycho Pass 3: I’ve heard nothing but good things about season 1…not so much for season 2.
  • Chihayafuru 3: This has been sitting on my plan to watch (for one of the watching challenges), so I should’ve gotten around to it already…which proves exactly how slow I go with my backlog.
  • Granblue Fantasy 2: wheatsquares33 showed me some good husbandos in it – first it was Grimnir (and from him I discovered Sandalphon), then Ayer.
  • Kono Oto Tomare 2: Again, I’m behind so I dunno about this one. It was rather middling in its debut season.
  • FGO/Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia: If I ever get around to finishing all that Fate stuff out there…here’s more for me.
  • Fairy Gone 2: I’ve heard the first season was bad after where I left off, but choosing the lesser of two evils says this wins out over We Never Learn.
  • Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (We Never Learn) 2: It’s only just hanging on because I haven’t dropped it yet, but its end performance in its debut season was rather middling so I don’t think I really need to rely on it.


There’s a bunch of interesting movies this time too!

  • Human Lost: I’ve been interested in Osamu Dazai as an author ever since Bungou Stray Dogs and Bungaku Shoujo made Japanese classic literature cool for me, so I jump at any opportunity to check out Dazai’s work in a book, manga or anime format. This cyberpunk version seems to be a particularly interesting way of conveying the story (second to Junji Ito’s version of it), so I’ve been keeping an eye out for it whenever it shows up in Anime News Network articles…even if that title could be smoother in English…
  • BnHA: Heroes Rising: Have you seen the reception Two Heroes got??? I bet Heroes Rising will get just as much, if not more, interest…but only for those who are caught up enough to watch it (i.e. not me).
  • Kimi Dake ni Motetainda.: I think I’ll let the Anime News Network synopsis speak for itself:

The youth story film will center on a group of five handsome high school boys who each have traits that bring them down. Through certain events, they are led by a girl on their quest to win the “Motemen Koshien” (Handsome Men at Koshien) contest.

  • BLACKFOX: I read an Anime News Network review and apparently it’s good for action fans, albeit somewhat predictable…I’m an action fan, so sign me up…(?)
  • Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather: A BL movie…hmm…it’s worth a shot.

Short Series

There’s finally one I’m interested in…it’s been a really bad year for short series on my end…

  • Urashimasakaten no Nichijou: This one seems like a nice distraction, even if it does come off as a bit too blatant in its advertising of the Urashimasakaten group (…whoever that is).

So, there you go. What anime are you interested in for the fall season? Did I miss something I should check out?

What do you think about this?

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