Animanga Festival #5 – Taking a Journey through the Anime and Manga Worlds

Yes, I’m part of the Animanga Festival.

Meta context: I skipped #2 because in 2015 – that is, before I made the jump to WordPress – I made a Tumblr post on this very topic and it reflects both my naivete and its rather fillery nature in the context of the blog it’s hosted on. I’m not going to update it because it’s rather dated plus if I did, then the quiz would get far too big.

Hmm…let’s make this quick. I’ve got some new anime I need to dig into.

  1. Neo Venezia (Aria)

My (kinda-sorta-)namesake makes sense to visit – it doesn’t have that many threats, plus maybe someday we will have the technology to aquaform Mars and we can spend all day lazing about with cats, food, nice scenery, maybe some friends (or friendly Undines) and gondolas. It’ll be the dream.

2. Rokuhoudou (from…well, Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori)

Again, zero threats, nice scenery, food and cats. Also eye candy in my case…I dunno about you though.

3. [wherever Boueibu is set]

Part of what makes Boueibu great is the fact you don’t actually know where it’s set outside “Binan City, somewhere in northern Kantou”. If you’re worried about threats, they’re normally rather petty when you get down to basics (the worst you’d get is a temporary transformation into something else, or maybe some property destruction), but getting to live an idle life with the Defence Club, or even observing the club from afar, would outweigh all of it. I sure hope they keep up the club as they grow up though…

4. Shibuya and surrounds, Given

I’m not much of a band groupie, but if the band Given were to do real concerts like they defictionalised their Twitter accounts (see: Mafuyu and Ritsuka’s), I’d be there.

5. Magic-kyun! Renaissance‘s world

Admit it – this show’s cheesy as heck, but being an Artista would be cool. There’s basically zero threats, too.

6. the world of Boku no Hero Academia + Vigilantes

This one’s appeal seems pretty obvious if the fan attention is any indication. Also since I’m considering the threat level of all of these locations, you could still claim self-defensive use of your Quirk if you got attacked, if not outight becoming a vigilante.

There’s a pretty obvious trend of me having evaluated the places based on what threats there are and the eye candy present (plus the presence of an actual version of Japan which isn’t too boring is a plus), which…just means I’m hecka predictable.

So where would you like to go in the world of anime/manga?


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