Animanga Festival #15 – Fanwork is Cool

Geddit? Fanwork? Cool?

…okay, remind me to never be a stand-up comedian, ever…

In the spirit of fanwork needing love, well, there’s no better fandom than Boueibu. I’ve mentioned my high opinion of this fic a grand total of once, but I still like it upon rereading it and I didn’t elaborate on why I love it so here goes.

The fic in question is In the Shadow of Competence by fortune-maiden, a fellow Boueibu fan I’ve met as part of the Tumblr-based bit of the fandom.

It’s basically a one-shot about the teachers of Binan High realising how much work the student council did after said student council leaves on their exchange in the first episode of season 2. It’s written from Wombat’s POV, which is quite the oddity (since Wombat is an alien, after all…).

Essentially, why I like this fic is that it manages to operate like the good type of anime filler by using details from other parts of the canon (it notably shouts out one of the game-exclusive characters and “future” episodes of season 2 from that point in time) to bridge a gap in the canon’s knowledge that was previously unknown. Its brevity doesn’t hurt it either. I guess as I get older, it gets easier to relate to the beleaguered teachers too… 

So, do you have a favourite fanwork or piece of fan merchandise you particularly like (if you’re not already a participant in the Animanga Festival)?

What do you think about this?

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