Fall 2019 First Episode Impressions: Here We Go Again!

It’s been 5 years since I began watching simulcasts. Despite that…welp, I’m running even more behind schedule than usual. (Sorry about that.)

This post has impressions for Ahiru no Sora, Shinchou Yuusha (which I secretly know as “TUEEE”), Honzuki no Gekokujou and Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. After that, it’s Africa Salaryman, Actors, Tokunana and Abilities Average (although I can’t guarantee the former two, just in case Funimation decides to take them away from me). Next, there’s Assassin’s Pride, Stand My Heroes, No Guns Life and Stars Align (this last one is a last-minute addition from my anime club). After that, it’s Kabukicho Sherlock, BnHA 4 and Shin Chuuka Ichiban.

I got so jealous of Karandi’s new visuals that I ended up making my own. (image sources: Ahiru no Sora = key visual, Iruma-kun = key visual, Honzuki = LN cover, Shinchou Yuusha = manga art)

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Ahiru no Sora

Basketball…I know absolutely nothing about it, aside from what Kuroko no Basuke taught me. I also think I’ve heard of this series before when it had no anime, although I don’t remember if the feedback on it was good or not (it’s kinda like Piano no Mori in that case, I guess).

That aside, this is a rather middling entry into the sports genre and in anime in general. Like, I get your metaphors, I like that Madoka is getting thrown into the mix (even if she’s just a goal for the protag at the moment) and I probably will just end up dropping this show when I fulfil one of these conditions: 1) I see Ume’s character in action or 2) I get lost when it comes to basketball jargon (I’m not lost yet, which is good), but I think it hit the spot between “I want to keep it” and “I want to drop it like a hot potato”.


  • Why are bleached blonde hair and pompadours popular with delinquents, anyway? Since the title of this episode is “The Ugly Duckling”, I wanna know if any of these delinquents get a makeover once they (inevitably) become a “real” basketball club…hmm, maybe watching those two episodes of Area no Kishi for Araki (a guy that does make himself over for the sake of his sport) a few weeks ago was a bad idea because it gave me such an expectation…
  • I know this manga started in 2003, but that doesn’t mean it can’t at least try to be original…same with the fact it’s going to be 50 episodes. “If you want me to stick around, prove to me why I should,” is the entire reason why I have this elaborate ranking system.



Shinchou Yuusha

It’s…an absolute riot!

Not only is Ume killing it as the deadpan title character, Rista is hilarious and relatable (as in, she knows how to pick a man)!

…the one thing I didn’t know coming into this show was Seiya was ripped like hell, but that’s just a bonus, really. I wanted Ume, I got Ume…I wanted a hot guy, I got a hot guy…that’s all I wanted and more, so I’m happy. 


  • Downsides: 1) Rista’s leg jiggling, 2) Rista’s boob storage (I think I’ve seen enough anime to ignore that bit, but it still bugs me a bit) and 3) the fact there’s a character commonly known as “Aria” (I think I’ll go “Hey?” every time they call her name).
  • I bet sakuga experts wouldn’t call this show serious business, but I think it’s sakuga enough (whatever that means).
  • I don’t get the OP, but I think the ED is a pretty good song to bop along to.
  • I think “Today’s Seiya” was a good find, if I do say so myself.



Honzuki no Gekokujou

Uh…it has a pretty aesthetic with the flowers and all, but…I feel like a big bit of this plot is overblown than it should be. The fact it started with the head priest basically taking advantage of Myne (should I spell her name like that??? It’s giving me negative Shield Hero vibes but it’s better than “Main”) to see her memories as Urano didn’t help.

I predict a plot that moves at the speed of slice of life, meaning I might need a show like this someday…but maybe not this season, when there’s potentially so much other good stuff out there. (The reason why I predict such a thing is because writing systems can’t be learnt in a day…and widespread usage of book printing would take years to implement.)


  • I think I have an odd way of interpreting the sentence, “Only grownups are allowed to tie up their hair.” Turi says this when her hair is in a braid – I’d consider that “being up”, but from context, it seems “hair being up” in this case is when the hairstyle is completely on the top half on the head (e.g. a high ponytail, that bun Myne had).
  • The dead chicken subplot is one of the main reasons why I think this is overblown, but this is coming from a person who’s been dealing with Asian restaurants that serve duck and chicken for a long time (those restaurants hang their cooked birds from hooks in the preparation area and they’re visible to anyone with good enough vision in the vicinity). I don’t have any experience for witnessing the same birds being chopped up, though…I admit this does sound mighty contradictory when you take into account my ornithophile tendencies (since I have taken care of chickens before), but let’s not go there, ‘kay? 



Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Took this one up when I saw it got pretty good ratings on ANN.

It’s…actually somewhat decent, although that may just be my “lock on to husbando” gaze speaking (strangely, my gaze didn’t go for Asmodeus, but it went for Opera…although it’s only at a fraction of the power it is for Seiya). Didn’t laugh too hard at it, but that’s because for some reason what makes it work is everything but the comedy (including how snappily it managed to set up the premise without waffling, unlike another anime *stares at Honzuki, which took an entire episode to do set up*).


  • Anyone remember Hayate the Combat Butler? I didn’t get too far with that manga, but aside from this reminding me of it, I probably like this more.
  • Is it just me, or do some anime uniforms get way too gender-coded (i.e. the girls’ uniforms are pink and the boys’ blue)?


Since I only need 5 new shows this season, the threshold is higher. I’m really iffy on Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou, so the verdict of whether I need 5 full-length shows or Urashimasakatasen and 4 more full-length shows is up in the air at the moment.


  • Shinchou Yuusha (1 ep) – this one’s the runaway success of the season so far
  • Iruma-kun (1 ep)
  • Ahiru no Sora (1 ep) – this one is only just scraping by, due to how hard it is to get a read on it
  • – [threshold of pausing/dropping] –
  • Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou (1 ep)I get the feeling you need to know what Urashimasakatasen was characterised like in their fandom/songs to “get” this show (I don’t know, so I don’t get it). If it’s going for the “off-the-wall high school AU” approach, it…kinda sucks, to be honest, but it’s watchable enough. This is going to get another episode to see if ep. 1 was a fluke, but otherwise I think it’s an easy pause (in case I need a series I can finish for 2 points in Chibi Tamago).


  • Honzuki no Gekokujou (1 ep)

So how’s your experience with these shows? Did I skip anything good? (For a refresher, see the anticipated anime list here.)

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