Fall 2019 1st Episode Impressions: Getting Serious With It


The last post has impressions for Ahiru no Sora, Shinchou Yuusha, Honzuki no Gekokujou and Mairimashita! Iruma-kun. Then there was Africa Salaryman, Actors, Tokunana and Abilities Average. This post is for Assassin’s Pride, Stand My Heroes, No Guns Life and Stars Align (Stars Align is a last-minute addition from my anime club). After that, it’s Kabukicho Sherlock, BnHA 4 and Shin Chuuka Ichiban.

I got so jealous of Karandi’s new visuals that I ended up making my own. (image sources: Ahiru no Sora = key visual, Iruma-kun = key visual, Honzuki = LN cover, Shinchou Yuusha = manga art)

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Assassin’s Pride

Even though I managed to finish the episode, I noticed in my notes my feelings for this show went downhill after picking up on the Lance N Masques vibe it was giving me about halfway in. Nobody explains what an anima is, I don’t know what Kufa was going to do in order to awaken Melida’s mana (he just sort of goes, “Oh, I think she’s vulnerable – I want to stay by her side”, then kisses her to swear allegiance to her…?), Kufa could be a chuuni and one of Melida’s maids is Nietzsche, just to put the cherry on the cake of confusion.

Sidebar: Lance N Masques…you might not remember it, but it was a summer 2015 anime. The blobby art style plus a series of plot holes made a solid drop. (I distinctly remember picking it because Pony Canyon was a shared name between it and Boueibu…remind me never to do that again.) For this show, however, it’s just plot holes.


  • I can’t believe I thought Kufa was hot when I was scouring AniChart…! I did think that Kufa was ripoff Kirito while I was thinking about whether he was hot back when I was compiling my hype list…and remembering such a thing very early into the ep significantly sunk my impression of the series. 
  • I don’t get why it has to be a teen dude and a girl who’s 12 at the oldest (unless she looks younger than she is). Can’t we get more series like Moribito, where the woman is the bodyguard figure???
  • The chandelier world is so strange, I’m still flipflopping between whether it’s a cool idea or a weird one…



Stand My Heroes

I’ll probably take a long while to figure out which boy is which – I could tell Aoyama apart from everyone else once I realised he had a plait on the side of his head and Arakida features way too much that you couldn’t miss his white hair, plus I can tell a few of the boys with more distinctively-coloured hair apart (such as Hattori, who is really pink). My eye’s on Go Miyase of the Kujo family, who is (you guessed it, didn’tcha?) voiced by my beloved Ume-chan.

Other than that, the plot’s a bit of a mess…? I mean, who scouts civilians for a narcotics unit? 


  • The protag is kinda decent…if you want a by-the-numbers otome heroine. At least she remembered to take her heels off when she went to pursue the criminal, which is an improvement over, say, laser-eyes girl from UtaPri. (Yes, that’s how I remember that series’s Protag-chan – by her laser-bright eyes.)
  • The ED is…an interesting choice. Took me a bit to realise it was in English. The opening scene of the ep was actually pretty cool, too.
  • I found some of the boys vaguely patronising, but I could still live through it. The reason why this show doesn’t rank lower than it has is because 1) after reading a few reviews, I realised I’m actually memorising these boys a lot better than other people, even though I thought I wouldn’t be able to (aside from watching the episode, I’ve been around the website once and seen cast announcements on ANN thrice to memorise Ume’s character’s name), 2) Ume (of course) and 3) that opening. 
  • There’s a guy that vaguely looks like Tenn from Idolish7 (Takaomi Hiyama)…and I don’t know if I like that or not.



No Guns Life

It’s got a bit of a weird balance between a compelling hardboiled mystery/sci-fi story and a somewhat derpy sense of humour (complete with deformed gun head!) which reminds me of Mahoutsukai no Yome (I wasn’t entirely a fan of that chibi humour). I worry about how it’s going to look when the mid-season slump hits, but otherwise I’m fairly optimistic about this one.


  • This show’s visuals take a bit of getting used to because it looks like a game I would’ve played from a disc on PC about 10 or 15 years ago, but I discovered through the credits the reason for this is Unreal Engine. By the by, genres are meant to be evergreen, but I’m getting positive Ghost in the Shell vibes from this.
  • I thought there was seriously a pun there by having the gun head’s name be “Juzo” (one way to say “gun” is juu), but it turns out his name has the kanji for 13…Maybe that hints at how unlucky he is to have a gun for a head instead. Also, I thought “Inui” would be a kanji combo involving the character for “dog”, but it was a completely different character.

  • “The only ones who can touch my trigger are those who I’ve chosen to accept.” – Is that…a sexual metaphor??? Or an intimacy one???

  • The opening scene was really striking because it takes the time to show off Juzo’s gun head..so from the moment you start watching, you know what you’re getting.



Stars Align

I was given a warning for domestic violence early on by my anime club’s media manager, which put me on guard…but then it paid off at the end. Then again, in any genre, there’s nothing like a hit to the face like a hit to the face (if you saw the end of the episode, you’ll know what I mean).

I like how blunt it is at times (it does cut to the chase with Toma recruiting Maki in comparison to some other anime – for instance, I mentioned Area no Kishi’s Araki in another of thse fall impression posts…it takes 3 of 37 episodes to introduce him – 1 to see what he looks like for the first time, 1 for the team to screw up and 1 for Araki to save them, which I think is just drawing things out a bit too long for drama’s sake). I also like the Tsukigakirei-style aimlessness it has at times (such as when you see the boys’ team under the trees) and artstyle, even though the emphasis on the tennis clubs and Maki’s family drama means there might not be so much of that later on.


  • One thing that stands out is the student council president’s body type being an uncommon one, plus the girls’ team are usual victors here…I think Anime Feminist would like this. (Their comments section kind of picked up on it.)
  • Is Toma rich…? Or does he just have equipment lying around because Ryoma? (Come to think of it, those names rhyme…I didn’t even realise it until I typed this dot point, LOL.) 


Well, it finally looks like there’s hope for this season to be salvaged, so it’s time to push that threshold higher.


  • Shinchou Yuusha (2 eps) – this one’s the runaway success of the season so far (no pun intended from ep 1)…now all I have to do is wait another week, due to the typhoon…
  • Stars Align (1 ep)
  • No Guns Life (1 ep)
  • Iruma-kun (1 ep)
  • [Dr Stone would rank here with its 14th ep, but its spot is looking extremely safe right now]
  • Stand My Heroes (1 ep)
  • Africa Salaryman (1 ep)
  • Actors (1 ep)
  • Tokunana (1 ep): 1 more ep.
  • Ahiru no Sora (1 ep) – this one is only just scraping by, due to how hard it is to get a read on it
  • – [threshold of pausing/dropping] –


  • Honzuki no Gekokujou (1 ep)
  • Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou (2 eps, I would’ve dropped it if I didn’t think of Chibi Tamago)


  • Abilities Average (1 ep, may pick back up if season is really dire)
  • Assassin’s Pride (1 ep)

So how’s your experience with these shows? Did I skip anything good? (For a refresher, see the anticipated anime list here.)

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