Animanga Festival #24 – Blogging Buddies

“Blogger that inspired you to be great”…can I just say “almost everyone”?

I can’t show that much favouritism to everyone, so I think you know the answer if you’ve read how this blog began – Scott was the one that got me to sign up but Karandi was the one who made me make the blog with a well-timed post.

…Well, that’s the story via WordPress anyway.

When I was thinking about bloggers who motivated me to be great, my real first answer, chronologically speaking, should actually be troublesome-toughcase. They were the first blogging senpai I had and I put that on a pedestal enough that my Tumblr is courage-a-word-of-justice (i.e. also from a Detective Conan quote)…and I’ve had a bunch of blogging senpais because every few years, I just kind of uproot myself and move to a different platform (at least, that was the case until I came to WordPress…now that I’m actually interacting with a bunch of blogging senpais I’ve been idolising since 2015, I don’t think I’ll need to uproot myself anymore).

…yeah, you can tell my heart isn’t in this post because it’s even briefer than 300 words (I don’t really know why it’s 300 words, but I used to hold myself to such a limit), plus it’s a bunch of things I’ve said before already.

So, was there a blogger that inspired you to be great? (I’ll ask this question regardless of whether you have a blog or not.)

What do you think about this?

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