#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 2 – 3


Previous episodes

Episode 2

  • 2007???? Geesh, this thing is 12 years old! (Update: I meant the book, but that also applies to the show, which aired in the summer of 2007.)
  • Poccari Sweat (sic).
  • “Dunny’s” – *laughs quietly* (“Dunny” is a word for a toilet, essentially. Not that anyone knows that…it’s a regional bit of slang.)
  • I just realised Katsura is a really flat character at this point…then again, I also noticed that at the end of ep 1 after finishing my post, so I’m just repeating my observations.
  • Was there an OP last time??? I’m confusing myself just thinking about it…
  • I think the poster (behind Setsuna) might’ve been for the Ping Pong (Lover’s…? (didn’t read it properly…)) Club or something of the sort. Update: The words only appear on the screen for a few seconds, so I kind of assumed it said the kanji for ping pong (which does have the same first character) but what it really said was 卓上遊戯同好会 which turns out to mean…the Tabletop Game (i.e. Board Game) Enthusiasts. (That’s pretty far off, if I do say so myself.)
  • Okay, I had to google what the “bases” are because I wasn’t sure why Makoto jumped straight to kissing, rather than hand-holding or something else. First base is the kissing.
  • So the date of the movie is September 25 (Friday), so today’s date (in the anime) is September 24 (Thursday). Assuming the year is 2007…(sees Sep. 25 2007 is a Tuesday) Yeah, that assumption doesn’t work out.
  • Wait, so there’s Gainaxing and then her (Katsura’s) hair just happens to be down enough to cover her boobs…? This reeks of censorship…
  • Makoto, stop zoning out! Get to 1st base!
  • Is that foreshadowing in the movie…?
  • Chibis for the eyecatches, huh?
  • The teacher is talking about chemical reactions this time (and this is further confirmed by the fact Sekai’s textbook says kagaku II, not the kagaku for science in general but the one for chemistry)…hmm. Setsuna sits below Sekai. Update: So then why did the subbers make the teacher say it was covering content from Chemistry II, which implies that’s a higher level of chemistry, when the textbook says “Chemistry II”? Or maybe they have multiple textbooks and Sekai just happened to use Chemistry II as a cover…? Update 2: Turns out, after I squinted at the book some more, Sekai’s textbook is Chemistry I and the line is blurred enough that it’s hard to tell if it’s I or II.
  • I swear, calling someone “retarded” is either for little kids or just will not fly in 2019.
  • Ganbare, otokonoko! – That last word is “boy” literally, so I feel like “kiddo” doesn’t capture that nuance well. Maybe “bro” (if this weren’t 2007)? “Pal”?
  • Now I want a series where we follow the harem protagonist’s side character friend rather than the protag. It would be boring, but it would be a good SoL series…
  • “…other head…” – Does that mean…er, Makoto’s Pen Island, so to speak…?
  • That reminds me, I’ve never once seen girls do that “boob groping” thing, even as a joke. Or guys either.
  • So Yuri on Ice didn’t do the obscured kiss first (half kidding)…then again, the obscured kiss is just to avoid animating the lips, yeah?

Episode 3

  • Kokoro = heart. Another rather abstract name, if you take it as symbolism for emotions.
  • Ugh…male gaze…last ep, thre was only some Gainaxing, so I’m less OK with this ep already.
  • Otome? LOL, her name means “maiden”.
  • I see this girl with the hair loopies (to use a term from Avatar: the Last Airbender) in the OP, so I wonder what her name is…
  • “The doors are about to close.” (Yes, if you’re not aware from my other simulcast commentaries, I sometimes correct the subs in these notes.)
  •  What was up with Sekai’s outfit in that change room??? Was that a maid outfit…?
  • Three chibis…? That’s a bit much for an eyecatch.
  • The animation basically made Katsura look as if she were flying up to Makoto’s face, LOL.
  • Update: Had to check a credits list, but “Hikari” is hair loopie girl.


  • Katsura finally gets ahead with her romantic developments, but I still think Sekai is a better match for Makoto (much like Katsura herself mentions in one of these episodes).
  • I’m definintely watching out for any chemical explosions, now that the teacher brought that up…
  • Just from these few episodes, I get the feeling the show has aged pretty badly. Aside from the art style, which I mentioned last time, there’s the cell phone and then there was me trying to figure out what slang would be roughly equivalent to otokonoko in 2007 (that’s a lot harder than it seems to be honest, considering it’s a very specific year I don’t remember much from).
  • I get the feeling many romance shows could resolve a lot of their conflicts with some proper communication, rather than going through the secondary characters, like Makoto and Katsura are doing with Sekai here – this is probably one reason why Ore Monogatari is one of my favourite romances. Even smartphones, texts (or similar things such as LINE messages) and emails don’t save anime characters in romantic plots from communicating badly, or even worse, creating misunderstandings for each other…but then again, isn’t the entire romance genre just a huge bundle of misunderstandings and “I’m trying to learn how to have a romantic relationship with you” anyway?
  • I dunno why exactly I thought first base was holding hands, but…maybe I’m too innocent for my own good. I do think I kind of lost myself in the moment when  typed up the 2nd note about “getting to 1st base” with how dedicated Makoto seemed to be to get to said base (because then that means we’d actually further the plot, rather than getting weird glimpses of girls who may or may not be relevant to said plot).

School Days can be watched via Crunchyroll.

12 thoughts on “#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 2 – 3

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only person who is struggling the translations. I did enjoy reading what would fit if the show was translated in 2019 vs 2007. I cringed pretty badly at the mention of “retarded” in the episode because you’re absolutely right, that would not fly at all today.

    Yeah, the boob grope thing is always so fucking awkward to me! I don’t care what anime or manga or media it is. It’s weird and super uncomfortable. I feel like if someone did that with my body, I’d punch the bleeding hell out of them.

    Makoto seems like an inexperienced moron to me and I feel his impulsive romantic feelings and overall horniness will get everyone in trouble. I also ponder if Sekai kissing him in episode 1 instilled expectations for him with general interactions with girls that he may not have had before (since had no experience to speak of) and that’s contributing heavily to him being so aggressive, as well as confused on some level.

    It was super fun to read your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, the toilet thing is pretty funny XD

    Your notes are always interesting. There are several things I could address here, but I got most of them in my thread. One point though struck me as interesting, the one about misunderstandings in the romance genre.

    To fully go into it, this would be spoilers, so all I’ll say is keep what you said in mind here.

    Thanks again for joining up 🙂 Next week is a little more of this stuff but the plot is about ready to really kick into gear!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was originally going to explain in those notes that the restaurant was a parody on Denny’s, but after putting that thing about toilets down, I forgot to do that…oh well.

      My notes aren’t always interesting – sometimes I can go entire episodes without notes and certain types of notes (going “LOL”, fangirl squeals, snarks/bad puns etc.), although they might reveal something about myself, don’t really help in the long run (although they can act as a snapshot as to what sort of mindset I had towards certain things at the time of writing, since I do normally allude to the trends and things I think are cool at the time – but these are conclusions I’ve drawn about my notes over about 5 years of dealing with the same note-taking system for most of my simulcasts and now, some other shows as well). Then again, I don’t always try to draw conclusions based on what I jot down (the “overall” section), so maybe that’s why they’re useless…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, Denny’s was a good target of parody for some time but the toilet fact was much funnier XD

        Well, I still enjoy all your notes 🙂 They are fun to see what you are thinking in the moment. Thanks again for putting your thoughts out there!

        Liked by 1 person

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