#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 4 – 5

Okay, there’s a bit of a story behind the delay of this post…

Here’s how that story goes: After trying to back up my computer (which I previously failed to do explicitly because it would keep me up late, or it would get rid of the data on the backup hard drive because I’d need to partition it), I come back from an exciting episode of the Amazing Race…only to forget everything that had led up to the backup happening at that particular time…and I partition the drive.

Now, you might know that partitioning a drive erases all the existing data on it. That’s only the first part of the problem.

What makes this even stupider was that it was preventable, even if it was going to keep me up until late – I’d explicitly set up a computer to put the backup on in case of failure, but then I didn’t use it and partitioned the drive anyway.

The computer being backed up was starting to act up – some of the letter keys and the space bar don’t work as well as they used to, the warranty’s long gone and the charging cord is broken (it’s got such a short battery life it has to be plugged in somewhere to even use it for more than an hour).

That said, the hard drive I partitioned contained a family member’s computer backup – essentially, I just sent two years’ worth of their research data and their resumes – ones that got them jobs, which would be infinitely useful to me, considering I had to go to an employment agency the very next day (which just so happens to be the very day I’m typing this post!) – into oblivion and there’s only 50% chance of getting it back (get it back or don’t), not to mention that because the backup (or backing up the backup) takes 3 hours, they told me not to stop the backup of my own computer, thereby sealing the fate of some of their data forever. That is, once you partition a drive and then overwrite the data, it’s gone and unrecoverable, because it would take far too long to get the bits and pieces of the files back together again…if they were even still on the drive in the first place.

(Not to mention I make a fool of myself after staying up late for too long…which I’d been doing recently due to the watching challenges which will be explained in this post <- this post is scheduled for tomorrow as of this post going out.)

…basically, after realising exactly how far I’d stuffed things up for me and that person (plus all the other people in my family whose photos had been backed up to that hard drive), I was definitely not in the mood to see Makoto grope Katsura and even less in the mood for a swimsuit episode.

Previous Episodes

Episode 4

  • As signs in previous episodes pointed out, Makoto is horny and unapologetic.
  • Basically, they’re all starting to speak in sex and relationship metaphors…(LOL…?)
  • Wow, Sekai, you really hit the nail on the head with that imagination of yours.
  • I feel like better communication would help (as I said last time), but also slowing the relationship down so that it goes at Katsura’s pace, rather than Makoto’s. That way, they’d both be much happier with their lives.
  • Googling Koga and Yawataro nets you the fact those two are characters (or something) from Mori Ougai’s Vita Sexualis…knowing the Bungou Stray Dogs version of the guy…yeesh.
  • Sekai says (with the book) that she’ll teach him about “girls’ feelings” (although it’s unclear whether that should be plural or singular, since it’s just onna no ko no kimochi)…which is a very vague thing indeed.
  • You can’t read what’s on Katsura’s phone screen…it’s too blurry.
  • The magazine is talking about “power stones” on the left page (“popularity stones”, maybe if it’s meant to be “moteru stone” and moteru = to be popular, but mo-teru translates to “motel”…?) and “super lotion” on the right (you have to read the curly text very carefully).
  • “We are going to practise!”
  • Why do I get the feeling Makoto and Sekai will be locked in on the rooftop…?
  • They even gave up with Sekai’s lip flaps…wow (sarcastic).
  • Oh great (sarcastic)…you can see it coming from the preview image, but I’m not quite looking forward to the bikini episode. (Well, knowing my preferences, you know I wasn’t going to look forward to it anyway.)

Episode 5

  • Ohhhhhhhkay, I do not need an eyeful of that guy’s…okay, I’ll stop writing. No wonder people call ’em “budgie smugglers“…
  • Who makes an inflatable banana?! That’s taking the metaphors about sex in this show too far!
  • The rooftop key is in the OP, with a doll on it. I just noticed it properly.
  • *series of slaps, then fainted Makoto and yelling of “Aho!”* – Wow, that’s really cliched. That takes me back to the 2000s…(This is from the 2000s, though, Aria. What are you talking about…?)
  • I don’t need an eyeful of boobs or butts either, as you might surmise from my previous comments.
  • That butt-touching stuff really wouldn’t fly in 2019…I’m guessing the #MeToo people would really like to have a word with Makoto…
  • “I am Makoto-kun’s girlfriend.” – Prime yandere breaking point, right there, Sekai.
  • There was finally a decent shot in this show…and it was just skyscrapers in the sun…
  • What’s Setsuna’s part in this? If Taisuke (Kiyoura) and Hikari (Kuroda) are a secondary couple and the main fight is Sekai -> Makoto <- Katsura, then…? Update: Kiyoura = Setsuna, Sawanaga = Taisuke. My bad.
  • …geesh, Sekai makes Makoto out to be a huge pervert, and yet Makoto never said anything about Sekai not wearing a bra…(or maybe we, the audience, just don’t see it. Who knows?)
  • Is it just me, or does Makoto kinda look like Shinji (from Eva, of course) when looked at with his face towards us?
  • Didn’t Sekai offer to continue the woods rendezvous in her room…? She did, right?
  • “Ohhhhhh, s***, Makoto.” – That’s all I gotta say.

Well, things finally amped up. There wasn’t much in these episodes I haven’t said already, so…gotta skedaddle for now.

14 thoughts on “#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 4 – 5

Add yours

  1. Really unfortunate about your troubles, I’m surprised you even bothered getting this out, much less on time. I can totally understand why you wouldn’t be much in the mood for this either. That said, I’m glad I know that inflatable bananas are where you draw the line!

    In some seriousness though, I’m glad you are asking questions about Setsuna. I want to see what all your theories are on that situation. She’s definitely looking more and more suspicious.


    1. I think I drew the line long before the inflatable banana showed up…

      I had to get the apology out because while it’s on time for some of you guys, it’s Tuesday morning for me (i.e. well past the assigned date), so it would stress me out to no end (and if you combine that with the stress from everything else I explain in the post…it’s not pretty at all). I’m not sure if I made that clear in the tweet itself because I didn’t want to be too explicit about my timezone.

      Setsuna looks a bit younger than everyone else in this show (aside from Kokoro, of course), so I’ve been keeping an eye on her ever since she started showing up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, yeah, fair XD

        I totally understand, but for the future, you are always allowed to be late or skip a week. It’s not supposed to be a stressful activity to participate in 🙂

        As for Setsuna, remember that these kids are fresh high school students, so it’s not that strange. If anything, that’s another aspect that’s more realistic. That said, OMG, could you imagine if she looked YOUNGER than Kokoro-chan? That would be insanity.


  2. I appreciate you getting this out despite your troubles. Great insight and breakdown of the small moments.

    Also team Sekai is seeing if there’s room in the budget for t-shirts, if you would let me know what size and color you prefer that would be appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry, as I said on the tweet reply, I’m currently on Team Kotonoha (because I still think Sekai is going to turn yandere at one point or another, so it’s really just picking the lesser of the evils). Thanks for asking.

      Well, knowing you, K, you’d probably design a good T-shirt regardless of whatever team you’re on. Maybe someone can design team badges and we can put them on our blogs as an alternative.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw… understandable.

        The second part is not true, but I appreciate that if you’re going to lie that it helps me feel better. You’re not shabby yourself might be a fun way to place some memories on an empty hard drive?

        Never thought this bit would be this impactful to the discussion and you did make a practical suggestion so I might just consider it.


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