#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 6

Stuff’s getting serious in this part of School Days. Still no yanderes, though…at least, not yet, anyway.

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  • I still think calling a store “Radish” is funny.
  • The name Uzuki-chan reminds me of that manga…the one that got dissed when it had a collab with the Red Cross because the title character was basically attacking guys’ masculinity. As of SD airing, it would be years until that manga appears on the scene, though. Update: The manga character was actually Uzaki, but…same deal.
  • *Christmas ad* – What a coincidence…it’s almost Christmas as I type this too.
  • Googling “Keikichi” garners no results.
  • Here’s Xun Zi. His theory (xing e), according to SD, is that mankind is born evil…? *gulp* It’s interesting to note the Japanese character for “bad”, aku (悪), is clearly derived from this e character. Then again, you’d think with women fighting, you’d want to talk about Euripedes instead (see Medea) or Shakespeare (see Macbeth).
  • That kigurumi seems to be th same one on Sekai’s rooftop keychain.
  • Who was that last chibi…? Update: That’s Otome.
  • Sakakino is the name of their high school…I didn’t realise (since a Sakakino Hotel is mentioned earlier by a couple on Sekai’s bus)…
  • Interesting how the weather reflects Kotonoha’s mood, specifically with the cloud.
  • Note “sincerity and good faith” was translated to “seishin sei’i” (精神誠意). Seishin means something like spirit (not a ghost, but like “vigour”) and sei’i, while the first character isn’t read as makoto, contains the character for such (and means “faith/sincerity”).
  • I think the Japanese line of “you’re dating Katsura-san”, “your girlfriend is Katsura-san”, is more blunt but works a lot better for the dramatic impact.
  •  There’s some creepy music playing at about 13:41 (on CR) as Katsura walks home (as if this were a scene in an alien abduction movie!)…hmm…if I had the volume off, I would assume the music would be a lot happier, if not for the plot bits that came before.
  • Normally (I’m thinking of ReLIFE here) couples would get matching phone charms or something, right? Hmm…
  • Setsuna’s even allowed into Sekai’s house? Wow, they must be close (if I’m not misunderstanding their situation, that is)!
  • Otome Kato…Weird name, huh? (I still think that, even though I think she might’ve been introduced in a past episode…?)
  • That song that plays in the background, it’s a love song, yeah, but part of it goes “…watashi dake wo…” (“…only to me…”)…which reflects the girls’ feelings in these moments pretty well, I think. The music cuts when Sekai says she loves Makoto, which is also a nice touch.
  • Who’s the short-haired girl again…? Kanroji? Update: Yup.


I’m doing pretty terribly when it comes to matching side characters to their names (LOL), but otherwise I think the notes speak for themselves.

School Days can be watched via Crunchyroll.

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  1. Otome was introduced earlier in the show, but it was very brief. She’s the “childhood friend” character. Liked that you picked up Setsuna here and the music bits. Anyway, I enjoy reading your notes as usual 🙂 Looking forward to next week!


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