The End of Another Decade in Anime…and then Shorter Times in Other Stuff (11th Day of Anime 2019)

Inspired by Yon Nyan’s self-care post.

If we don’t count Pokemon and start with Sailor Moon as a point where I started engaging with anime in general (since I don’t really remember when I started engaging with the Pokemon anime), then my first decade wrapped up in about 2014…that is, if I remember the year I started engaging with Sailor Moon correctly to be 2004. However, I did have a period where I didn’t even touch anime from about 2004 – 2008 (this is when I was at my most bookish) and I count 2010 as the year I began reading manga.

So what have I done in anime from 2010 – 2019?

Well, I got into blogging on Christmas Day 2012 and fanfic in October 2011, both endeavours of which I allowed to centre around Detective Conan before my love drifted elsewhere (I was even on Facebook, running Detective Conan-centric groups before fanfic took over my life but after the cutoff year of 2010…but let’s not talk about that). I started simulcasts in fall 2014 after discovering Gugure! Kokkuri-san and Orenchi no Furo Jijou, got an anime list in October 2015…so yeah, you can tell a lot more happened after 2014.

I seriously started my anime/manga collection in 2013 with Blue Exorcist and have since allowed it to grow, thanks to library and other sales.

I got into the scanlation scene and, for the most part, left it between about 2014 – 2016…my relationship with scanlations is pretty complicated to say the least, since that’s one way I rapidly improved my Japanese reading skills.

Basically, I’ve spent about a decade being seriously invested in these two media and even branched out into genres I thought I’d never even touch (yaoi/shonen ai as of fall 2018…plus I did stumble upon some hentai manga briefly this year thanks to those Renta! ads I keep receiving, but again, let’s not talk about it).

Even outside of that, the decade was full of accomplishments. I’m not going to list them all off since that would be giving too much about myself away, but suffice to say I had far too many exams, graduated from a few institutions, seriously learnt Japanese for the better part of the decade (at one point, I was going to two schools for the one language!), chose, to my detriment right now, to stop learning Chinese, and decided on a career path, then completely lost it when I was in that dark spot last year.

So how’s your decade been? Has it been as painful and as much of a roller coaster as mine?

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