#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 7

I’m still running high from discovering ID: Invaded is right up my alley (<- if you’re looking at this before when the usual weekly post comes out, the post is scheduled for the future), so if I end up being more (or maybe even less) on the ball than usual…now you know why.

Previous eps


  • Please don’t let the little sister into the harem!
  • Katsura, run up to him (Makoto), dangit! *grits teeth* (<- Yes, I did grit my teeth. You said you were going to be more assertive, Katsura, so you go and be assertive!)
  • Poccari Sweet (sic). Update: According to my notes on ep. 2, that’s not the Pocari Sweat parody we saw then…hmm.
  • It’s hard to tell who’s saying this bit with the shot of the camcorder as the only visual…all I can tell is that it’s a bunch of girls talking, really (from the audio).
  • Ooh, Setsuna ships Makoto x Sekai…probably because the two (the girls) are friends.
  • I wonder if Setsuna is doing this because Sekai’s been hurt like this before…? How far back do Sekai and Setsuna go again…?
  • *wool unravels* – Uh-oh…I’m getting yandere vibes from Katsura now…
  • *Hikari hits Taisuke* – I found that funny, but…y’know, tsunderes really aren’t my type. Espcially if they’re physically violent. (That’s probably because I’m one myself, if not a kuudere.) Update: Not to mention tsunderes went out of style basically 10 years ago.
  • Katsura’s wearing a really transparent shirt right now…or am I assuming wrong and she got covered with water? Update: She got soaked by the rain alluded to earlier in the episode. So it is the latter, sort of.
  • Makoto’s still thinking with his pen island *erhem* so to speak, I see?
  • I predicted the line “You’re Sekai’s boyfriend” from miles away, so I would’ve dropped the show right then and there if I could. However, I’ve gotten this far and I still haven’t seen the yandere yet, so…keep going.
  • “Would you like to dance with me…” – Taisuke, you failure of a boyfriend, you!
  • Note Nanami calls Katsura “the worst” (saitei da). Calling her “a b***” is going a bit far, I think, but it depends on how you see Japanese as being a language without that many swear words or not.
  • “That’s true, but-!”
  • *Katsura arrives* – Geddout of there, Sekai…!
  • Ohhhhhhh…s*** went down!

Overall, things are suddenly looking dangerous for Makoto and friends. If there is a yandere, I’d assume the anime is going to cover at least one bad end.

School Days can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Oh some /very/ interesting thoughts here. We covered the camcorder bit on Twitter but this line stuck out to me:

    “Ooh, Setsuna ships Makoto x Sekai…probably because the two (the girls) are friends.”

    I’m not gonna really build on that. Anyway, there were some other things you mention that will be fun to look back on as we get a little further. I hope you look forward to it 😉


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