Predictions for 2020 – 2029 in Anime (9th Day of Anime 2019)

The predictions are partially inspired by sdshamsel of Ogiue Maniax.

This is the first time I’m going to try and predict the future (well, moreso than when I was trying to guess future episodes of Boueibu on Tumblr). So, I predict:

  • Zenonzard isn’t going to go down well…
  • I want to hope that isekai will die out after these more recent Shousetsuka ni Narou novels make the jump, but since there are still a whole bunch of those with unclear details (such as *inhales* Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita *exhales*) or just “2020” listed as their airdates (TenSura s2) as I write this…that ain’t gonna happen for at least another few years, at best.
  • Noting that there’s a new entry in the Gridman world with Dynazenon, I also predict CGI will become more and more used, to the same level if not even moreso than 2010 – 2019. You’ll see Graphinica, Polygon Pictures and other studios that have made a name in CGI will show up in places you’d never expect them to show up. (I’ll probably be scared the day they show up in a Bones work, so…let’s call that one of those places.)
  • More series will get TV short series or movie adaptions.
  • We’ll see the rise of adaptions for anime made for smartphones, the Nintendo Switch and virtual reality…not to say these don’t exist already, but there’ll be more of them in the future. (For a particularly interesting case, I saw Anime News Network coverage of an anime/video game called Death Come True.) If we’re going to take a huge stab in the dark, I want to see an anime based on an alternate reality game! (Not like Ingress, but an actual thing like Sombra’s unveiling in Overwatch.)
  • I’m going to predict the next big wave is either – noting what’s happened in 2019 – idols, sports series (because of the 2020 Olympics) or crime mystery series.
  • I’d like to hope that anime, manga and their brethren become more accepting of LGBTIQ+ people. We’re already seeing that with works like Stars Align, Given and Wandering Son, but it can get better. An anime adaption of Shimanami Tasogare? Since this is the future we’re talking about, the sky’s the limit!
  • Bishonen will appear more in the next decade. The outlook’s pretty good so far alredy, considering things like Wave!! (surfing), Bishonen Tanteidan (Nisio Isin work that is exactly what it says on the tin) and Collar x Malice¬†(otome game similar in set-up to Stand My Heroes) are upcoming.
  • There’s some continuations which I’m sure are going to be popular from the outset (such as the Demon Slayer movie) and there are some pretty cool things still on the TBA list (like ID: Invaded)…and since things like Morose Mononokean Tsuzuki came out of the woodwork, maybe it’s not too late to dream about your most wanted season 2 coming out?

For some more personal predictions (which are more for myself than anyone else):

  • Netflix and other paywall-wielding services (i.e. Amazon and HiDive) will keep annoying me well into the decade – if we want a hard benchmark, until at least 2025, if not all the way.
  • I will invest in a Blu-Ray player sometime in the next decade and start buying series that I like, since a lot of the series I like are already not worth the investment since the only DVDs of them are paired with BDs or are BD-only. It scared and annoyed me immensely that Sentai Filmworks wanted to phase out DVDs starting from 2017 and it seems everyone else is following suit now.
  • The saddest prediction of all: I will drift away from this website in 3 – 5 years’ time, if I use my time on Tumblr as a metric. (If it seems like I am, feel free to try and call me back from wherever I’ve gone off to.)

We’ll have to see how badly/well I fared with this prediction stuff when 2029 is over (if I’m still around here), but it’s never too late to make predictions about the future. Want to share some of your predictions?

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