Announcing Fate/Stay Winter!

…I admit I didn’t plan this through at first…

What is Fate/Stay Winter?

I missed planning out something and then seeing it through, so I arbitrarily decided to clean out my paused list by tackling one of the priority lists I made, hence this.

It sounds like no biggie…except when you realise some series have sat in my watchlist for years and never left because I watch backlog at the speed of a geriatric snail if I have no incentive to watch a lot in a small amount of time. I’m still trying to do something about that, which is exactly why I need to put some pressure on myself (and maybe get some content out about it at the same time). According to what I’ve tried, the best incentive for me is to either watch things for Chibi Tamago or watch a bunch of things in a small period of time, a la the light novel adaption project.

Sidebar: I might end up doing another light novel project soon…it just depends on what time I have to adapt the old one, find a new way to pick three LN adaptions and then watch them all. (Maybe I should only pick from shows I’ve started already…)

Alternatively, I have a lot of game adaptions, so maybe a game adaption bingo is in order.

What’s part of the agenda?

I’m glad you asked, since Fate/ is pretty big as it stands and I don’t have access to all of it through my methods of legal streaming (*stares intensely at Fate/Apocrypha*).

  • Fate/Zero (26 eps)
  • Fate/UBW (26 eps)
  • Prisma Ilya (all 3 seasons, minus intermediate movies and OVAs, which is 30 eps in total)
  • Detective Waver (main series of 13 eps + OVA)

In total, I’ve calculated that’s 108 episodes, so over 3 months that equals about 3 or 4 episodes a day and 27 posts…so that’s why I need the lead time.

When will posts come out?

Twice a week on Mondays and Fridays (give or take a day for timezone purposes), starting on the 3nd of January 2020. As mentioned previously, each post is 4 eps (which is the lowest I could go while striking a decent amount of compromise for other things in my life) so the entries will go in the order listed above (I was thinking of putting the Waver OVA first since I’ve finished it, but I think it’s better to tackle it again when I actually understand what’s going on in it).

Why did you want to bother? Dewbond did Fatevember already!

Fatevember and Dewbond’s other focuses on a certain series were the main things I was inspired by for this (to a lesser extent, I was also inspired by Chris Voyager’s Soul Eater Summer), but I realised all the Fate/ fans out there are really loyal to the series. It’s a bit lonely being someone who’s basically a Fate/ noob in the wide ol’ internets, so this is the best compromise I could come up with for noobs and fans alike.

Besides, I figured a new voice on an old(er…?) topic would only be met with positive reception.

How are you going to tackle this? I thought you didn’t like episode reviews.

I don’t, episode reviews are far too taxing and not efficient enough for 80+ episodes.

Basically, I’ll do a synopsis (of each when tackling multiple separate entries in the Fate/verse) and some impressions/notes on interesting things (including counters for weird things like “Number of Times Waver Velvet Appears in These Episodes”, because that’ll be interesting to note, considering his apparent breakout status necessitated a spinoff). In order to make it distinctive, I’m thinking of also doing one segment that changes depending on the episodes’ content (Husbando Alert, Character Spotlight, Nice Scenery Screengrab, Basics of [Some Genre] (e.g. “Basics of the Mystery Genre” based on the 10 Commandments of Detective Fiction for the Waver series), predictions for who wins the Grail War…and so on for whatever else I can come up with).

I’ll try to keep it brief, but knowing me, it’s not going to be.

So, what do you think? Did I plan this out enough? (Only time will tell on that.) If you’re a Fate/ fan and you’d like to pitch a suggestion for a segment title, by all means submit it in the comment section.

What do you think about this?

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